If There Are No Trees, Then There Will Be No More Forest Fires

If we cut all the trees down and leveled all of the forests in America, then forest fires would be a thing of the past. But if we remove all trees then mudslides and gigantic dust storms would become the new normal. Cutting down all the trees in America to stop forest fires, is the same logic behind banning any firearms from Americans in the hopes that school and mass shootings would stop. If all firearms were banned tomorrow, school and mass shootings wouldn’t stop. If the second amendment was abolished tomorrow, school and mass shootings wouldn’t stop. At the same time, I believe that we all have an expiration date. We all will die one day and it doesn’t matter how our friends and family feel about that, death is a fact of life. The fact that we don’t know when our time will come makes life that much more valuable.

Our country has turned into a land of freeloaders and moochers. We rely on the police to save us from crime and criminals. We depend on the fire department to save us and our belongings in the event of a fire. We expect doctors and the practitioners of medicine to fix everything we have done wrong to our own bodies throughout our lifetime. We count on our military to defend us overseas. From applications, social media and recently accepted perceived social norms, we have decided to spend our faith in the hopes that others will care for us, our families and our belongings as much as we do. We expect nothing but excellence from others while they care for ours. The truth behind this façade of great customer service is that we only care for ours, so honestly, we can only expect the same from others, regardless of their profession.

If you don’t have batteries in your smoke detectors and you fail to place fire extinguishers throughout your home, then the likelihood of the fire department saving all of your belongings has diminished greatly. If you don’t lock your doors, then eventually a stranger will open your door. If you don’t protect your pin and your credit cards, they will be stolen and you will be responsible. Just because you have a home security system, doesn’t mean that all is well and all will be well. If you don’t have a plan, practice that plan and exercise your defense of your home and family, you may be a victim in development. Bottom line, we all must be proactive in confronting crime. A criminal will only fall back, when they are being directly confronted.

We must protect ourselves and our children. Banning anything in the hopes of more safety only makes that many more defenseless. Banning a firearm, banning many firearms or labeling people, is no defense and results in zero proactive measures to stop violence. The only way to deter murder is to confront the murderer the moment they decide to take action. Violence stops violence. An armed and trained response force staged at every school, is the only way to stop a murderer from committing murder at that sole facility. Synchronized armed and trained confrontation is the only medicine that will solve this quagmire.

If we blindly ban something for only hope, then hope is all we will have. Hope doesn’t stop bullets and it won’t contain and explosion. We are better than that, we must protect our children. Good violence stops bad violence, it’s as simple as that. You can only hold and secure ground, with boots on the ground.

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