Humanity Cannot Survive Without Civility

Humanity cannot survive or exist without civility within its walls. Mutual respect, responsibility, candor and exact expectations must be at the core. Law and order must be blind, just and clear. In order to maintain safety and security for all of the citizens, it is inherent that all citizens prepare for war, to maintain their peace. Failing to prepare for war, only opens the gates to the enemy, the virus that will bring down every individual who willfully expected everyone else to come to their defense. We prepare for war, hoping that we never engage in war. We prepare for war, whether between individuals or between nations, in the hopes that we can diffuse war before it breaks out. The only way to be prepared for the enemy to bring war to our doorstep is through the individual preparedness drills and exercises that each citizen must embrace and practice.

People prepare for speeches, debates, interviews and other competitive events. Why is it that preparing to engage a violent criminal with exact force and deterrence is beyond comprehension? The idea that certain individuals cannot engage in combat, only makes that many more of us, susceptible to injury or death. It is an adult’s individual responsibility to understand that one day they may be called to fight for themselves or others. If that individual selfishly lays down and cowers, then the assaulter will have that much more freedom of maneuver to maim and kill many more.

Understanding one’s motivation will allow that individual to overcome fear and panic, to assault the assaulter and halt their advance. The path of least resistance is always sought to gain a foothold, to drive out and dominate any terrain. No foothold must be gained by those that would bring harm to us. We deny confrontation, by informing all that we are prepared to deploy into action at a moment’s notice.

Peace is fragile and fleeting, the only way to attempt to maintain peace, is by practicing war. Civility is dependent on humanity, neither exist where pacifist dominate.

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