Why Do We Continue to Pay for The Failings of Our Elected Representatives?

The more we learn about the Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre, the more and more we have learned that our elected representatives and officials have once again failed us. So, who is expected to pay for their lackadaisical attitude towards executing their duties? The American people are expected to foot the bill for their failed leadership. We are now being told that the AR-15 is responsible, magazine capacity, the National Rifle Association, Republicans, President Donald Trump, or mental health or anything else they continue to peddle in the hopes of ridding themselves of the blame.

From what I understand the murderer took an Uber to the school. Then he, without being a student and having no reason to be there, simply walked into the school, in his possession was an AR-15 variant, loaded magazines and a gas mask. How does a grown man walk into a school, while class is being conducted, hauling that kind of hardware and no one says a thing? How does a grown man walk into a school, while class is being conducted, hauling that kind of hardware and no one observes him? Was the school secured? Who was monitoring the school grounds while all of this was about to unfold? Why wasn’t the school secured? Where was the police officer assigned to the protection of the children in that school? Was anyone in the office ever aware of who came and went from the school grounds? Whose idea was it to assign that police officer there, or was he assigned as an easy assignment while he waited for retirement?

Then the shooting commences, madness and panic abound. That police officer, refusing to advance, hides outside, he is a coward, this shame will follow him the rest of his life until his death. Three more officers arrive, instead of advancing, they decide to hide behind their police cars with their weapons drawn. They hide, while children and teachers are being massacred inside. These other three police officers are cowards as well. Who decided that these cowards would make good police officers? Who allowed these lazy selfish people to wear a uniform and pretend to be law enforcement professionals? They hid, willfully refusing to carry out their sworn oath, none advanced, all hid, all are cowards. Why did Sheriff Scott Israel allow his police force to be tainted with these cowards? Sherriff Israel is responsible for their actions as much as they are, and yet he immediately points his fingers at everything else, except himself. With all of the intelligence they had on this murderer, Sheriff Israel did nothing to police his community, the community that elected him, the community that he took an oath to protect, the community that he himself failed willfully.

Why do the rest of us have to pay for all of these willfully committed crimes against us? From the murderer, choosing his weapon, to the criminally negligent sheriff, to his four criminally negligent coward police officers. If you listen to the main stream media, they will tell you how we must now surrender our god given inalienable rights. All because a murderer decided to murder, because the school decided not to secure their students and faculty, because the school decided to leave their school open, because the school decided not to monitor their security cameras, because a few coward police officers decided not to carry out their duty, because the sheriff wanted to be left alone.

Security cameras don’t work if no one monitors them. Locks don’t work if no one locks them. The police hire cowards because of politics and popular culture. The sheriff couldn’t care less because he was a “nice guy”.

Now, we fight amongst ourselves, each blaming the other. Partisan politics and the tribe mentality in full effect. All because of the negligence of others, which led to the deaths of 17 students, faculty and staff. Ownership at every level needs to happen, and we must point our fingers at them and them alone. If we continue to bicker, nothing will change. A reckoning must happen for those who willfully allowed this murderer freedom of maneuver. If we do not place blame of the willful and negligent acts of these tax payer recipients, they will remain scot free, while we argue and fight around them. Only hoping for our side to win. No one wins, children and adults were murdered. Fix the serpentine that must be emplace.

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