Balanced State

Who are the purveyors of mental competence and mental incompetence? Are people with perceived mental deficiencies allowed to drive? Are people with perceived mental deficiencies allowed to inter mingle with the “normal” population? Or, are people with perceived mental deficiencies the victims of lazy representation and the portion of the population that continues to be ridiculed and cheapened, “for the safety of all”? What is the measure for defining a mental health issue? With all of the prescriptions in circulation, self-medication with alcohol or other controlled substances, and every other vice that induces or restricts the flow of endorphins, when are any of us totally balanced? Allowing the stripping or suspending of any rights without a day in court is the first step in the slippery slope of a tyranny in progress.

Wine, beer, whiskey, marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, LSD, social media, video games, creatine, steroids, sugar, chocolate, etc., etc., etc. We all react differently to different substances and different life events. As well, we all overcome and deal with the tragedies in our lives differently. Why is mental health a determining factor in anyone retaining their rights without their day in court? Prosecuting those with problems, prior to breaking the law, will only allow more and more to be determined to be mentally unfit. Whether somebody just has a bad day, or if someone is truly a danger. To grant the power to decide a person’s mental stability to more and broader scope of professions and people, creates a society that prosecutes only those who are different, or those who challenge the system.

I would argue that horsepower kills more people every day than gunpowder. In 2016, 40,200 people were killed in motor-vehicles.

In 2016, 15,095 deaths from violence that included a person using a firearm.

So, in 2016, 25,105 more people were killed in motor-vehicles than from a person using a firearm. But there is no call to take people’s driver’s licenses away. Kids going through puberty by law are allowed to drive huge metal boxes at highway speeds.

Gun control is about control of Americans. Mental health is a buzzword to shift the attention away from prosecuting crime and criminals. Horsepower kills more kids everyday than guns. If horsepower will not be mentioned, then why are guns being mentioned?

Our police are becoming more and more militarized. Our law enforcement has the capabilities to execute mass violence and death on us at this very moment. Why are we slowly being disarmed, while our local law enforcement is provided with armored vehicles, sniper rifles, select fire carbines and chemicals to render us incapacitated? Seems rather unbalanced to me.

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