Gun Control Throughout Modern American History

The National Firearms Act (NFA) was enacted in 1934. The NFA was introduced due to gangsters and the violence that ensued during the Prohibition. The gangsters used Thompson sub machine guns and other fully automatic firearms, as well as explosives, shotguns, bolt action rifles, revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, rifles and carbines. Due to the illegal activity of a minor group of criminals, American citizens had their Second Amendment Right minimized. Instead of prosecuting the criminals for their criminal activities, the American government took action against all innocent American citizens. The American government prosecuted innocent American citizens, by chipping away at their second amendment God given inalienable right. This is the first dress down of Americans and their inherent right to defend themselves in the modern era.

November 22 1963, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Lee Harvey Oswald is identified as the murderer. Upon further investigation it is discovered that the firearm that was alleged to be used by Lee Harvey Oswald, was ordered through the mail. Straight from the distributor to Harvey’s doorstep. Five years later, Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 passes legislation to become law. The GCA forced all Innocent American citizens to register their firearms with the federal government. The GCA also expanded the definition of “machine guns” and included the term “destructive devices”, simply to further the power of the government over the people. Again, innocent American citizens, prosecuted for the criminal actions of criminals. This is the second time within 34 years that our second amendment right has been watered down.

April 11, 1986, the infamous FBI Miami Shootout, a gunfight between two bank robbers and eight FBI agents. The two criminals killed two FBI agents and wounded five of the FBI agents. May 19, 1986 the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act becomes law. Due to the actions of once again criminals engaging in criminal activity, the American government once again targets innocent American citizens and their second amendment right. The definition of “silencers” is expanded (not clarified). Machineguns are now outlawed and prohibited from this point forward. But there are exceptions made for the transfer and possession of machineguns by government agencies. The only lawful verbiage that is used in the act is targeted at innocent law abiding American citizens. Only 26 years since the last enacted legislation and murder still took place.

January 17, 1989, Cleveland Elementary School 32 children and one teacher are wounded, five children are killed in Stockton, California. October 16, 1991, the Luby’s shooting in Killeen, Texas, 23 people are murdered and killed, 27 are wounded. July 1, 1993, the 101 California Street shooting, resulted in eight people murdered and six people injured. September 13, 1994, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in enacted. Arguably, this piece of legislation, targeting firearms and not those who use them to maim and kill. Did nothing to stop crime or criminals. Instead, once again the innocent American citizens were targeted for acts against humanity that they had not committed. The second amendment was stripped down once again. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban did nothing to stop the North Hollywood Shootout, Columbine or any other illegal activity committed by criminals. Only seven years this time between legislation and somehow murder still took place!

All of these laws and legislation have done absolutely nothing to stop crime, assault or murder. With all of this legislation, there are no limits on what the government can or cannot possess. Instead, we were targeted with every single piece of legislation, we are further oppressed, while the government can deal in firearms and arm whomever they desire. The only goal for expanding background checks, enforcing more gun control and prohibiting more accessories is only to solidify the governments monopoly on violence. They control us already, the more they take, the farther we move from being a country where the government works for the citizens, not the citizens work for the government. The government has no limitations on what they can possess or use. They are carte blanche, whatever they want or need to do whatever they want to do.

Gun control doesn’t work, it doesn’t stop crime. Murder, manslaughter, wounding and assault have been criminal since the founding of our country.

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