Guilt and Shame are Powerful Tools Against the Weak Hearted

Fat shaming is very powerful when convincing anyone to commit to perceived social acceptance. When a weak hearted person is convinced to abstain from certain foods, in the hopes of gaining perceived social acceptance, to lose weight. The blame is placed on the food or the industry that profits off the sales of that food, or the business that distributes that food. Suddenly the food product is too blame, and the manufacturer of that food, for not educating everyone about caloric content, or nutritional value, or any number of other excuses that can be wielded against a proprietor or object. Lifestyle and choices are excused to ignorance, inequality, or lack of opportunity (can’t hurt people’s feelings anymore with the truth). Personal responsibility and accountability are shifted from the person to the object. Caving to achieve any perceived social acceptance, only ensures a never-ending lifecycle of slavery to others expectations.

The same works with video games, music, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, etc. This is also a powerful tool that is regularly used against American citizens, to convince us to give up our god given inalienable rights. The corrupt bodies behind the curtain, are always looking for the masses to demand that our rights be curtailed or given up all together. Recently, with the school massacre in Florida, many have begun rioting at state and federal locations, demanding that our second amendment right be closed and forgotten. This is how we lose our rights without a shot being fired, without a door being kicked in and without mass imprisonment. The corrupt bodies know that they cannot take our rights by force, so they guilt and shame us into a model of perceived social acceptance. That way, we are giving up our rights of our own volition. We are saying to our government that we no longer want or need the second amendment.

This is all designed to limit Americans from exercising all of their rights. If we allow these ignorant sheep to demand that our right be diminished, then with the simple stroke of a pen, our rights will be taken forever. Without violence and without a fight. Guilt and shame are being used against us. Guilt and shame are the tools that may one day convince us that our government is fair and just, that our government will care for us and that our government will protect us.

Don’t allow your fellow citizen to fall into the guilt and shame rhetoric. Don’t allow our government to be handed a monopoly on violence. Our police and law enforcement are becoming more and more militarized. Armored vehicles, sniper rifles, select fire rifles, carbines and handguns, chemicals to render us incapacitated, electronic surveillance equipment, body armor. Why are we wanting to disarm while our police and government continue to build up their defenses at alarming rates?

If we fold on our right to keep our government in check, then our government will soon exercise their power over us. Once the second amendment is gone, then the first amendment will follow. Any society that willfully hands over their guns to their government will not remain free. The second amendment protects all of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Without the Bill of Rights, we will fall.

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