Without a doubt the M-4, M-16 and every other weapon in the U.S. arsenal has liberated more, protected more and saved more lives than any other platform in history. It was the person armed with a gun that has deterred rape, that has prevented theft, that has saved many lives throughout history armed with a gun. A gun or firearm is a powerful force multiplier. An armed good guy is the only medicine for an armed assailant or a crazed mob. It was the American citizen armed with a gun that enabled the colonies to refuse the crown. It was the armed citizen with a gun that enabled America to free the slaves. It was the armed American that propelled America to the head of the table. It was the service member overseas, armed, that has allowed children to attend school and learn how to read. Arguably, an American armed with reason, intellect and a gun has liberated more people in America and around the world, than anything else in history.

If we voluntarily give up our guns, then America and the rest of the world will no longer be connected, only the dictators will grow out of control. Only the elites will be secured and safe from the evils of man and the violence that thrives in any land where the citizens are barred from owning any gun and thereby defenseless from their own government and the criminals that roam free and undeterred.

If only one fraction or party has all the guns, then there is no reason for them to compromise with us. We must all be armed to keep everything and everyone honest and just.

  • If the Nigerians armed every man and woman, the boko haram would not be able to simply steal girls to be sold as sex slaves.


  • If the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were armed, then they wouldn’t be starving and attempting death to escape to South Korea.

Only tyrannical governments disarm their people. Once they successfully disarm their people then there are no longer any barriers that exist to stop them. There are many examples throughout the modern world and throughout history to show that only an armed society remains free. There has never been in existence a free country like America that has not only survived but instead thrived, that was unarmed.

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