An Open Letter

President Trump,

I am very disheartened by your remarks over the past week concerning your stance and willingness to advance Gun Control yet again. I supported you during your campaign from day one. I was elated to vote for you on the 8th of November 2016. But now, regardless of all of your accomplishments so early into your presidency, I must now say, that I cannot support you anymore.

The idea that law abiding Americans must pay for the inactions of the Broward County Sheriff’s department and the criminal actions of the murderer, is beyond comprehension. Why is it that it is the law abiding American citizen that choses to exercise their second amendment right is always the one expected to compromise? Ever since the inception of the National Firearms Act of 1934, our second amendment right has been constantly under attack, with zero absolutely zero lives saved with every new form of gun control legislation. Criminals will continue to operate with no regard for the law, any new legislation will only impact the law-abiding Americans. The notion that you would not only allow this type of legislation to pass, but that you are wanting legislation to pass is too much. Mr. President, I feel betrayed by your actions against your own constituents.

President Trump, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I can no longer support you or your Presidency. I respect your opinion, but I cannot support your stance on this issue. God Bless you President Trump, I know that you feel you are doing something right and worth doing. But, Mr. President, your actions will only target the majority of your constituents.

Please President Trump, do not allow more Americans to be punished.

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