Kings to Queens, Presidents and Others

If you listen to the atmosphere today it seems that women and minorities are underrepresented and undervalued more than their male and often white counterparts. However; throughout history there have been thousands of kings and queens, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, senators, elected representatives and so on and so on. With all of these historical figures and leaders, even in present time, somehow; we are being told that women still haven’t broken the glass ceiling. Blacks, Asians, Latinos or Hispanics, Muslims and others have ruled and still rule to this day. So, my question is, why are we being preached to about equality, when apparently the world is pretty balanced throughout history and in recent memory with leaders in all forms, colors and sexes.

From Catherine the Great, to Barrack Obama. It would seem that every box has been checked in the form of identity politics. That’s the real bottom line, identity, not context, but identity. With all of these perceived minorities and females in power, maybe the breakdown is personal conviction. If we continue to lift up these underqualified and inexperienced people, we will all pay the price for their incompetence. Angela Merkel is still the chancellor of Germany, Queen Elizabeth II is still the Queen of England, Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sadiq Khan is the Mayor of London. All of these places are pretty messed up, dangerous and on the brink of total and catastrophic failure. How can this be with all of this diverse representation you may ask, well perhaps in public works, everything is always messy, but in their cases, when they were elected via identity politics, all of their qualifications and platforms were second to whatever’s in their pants and the color of their skin.

Anybody can strive to be whatever they want, but life punches you in the face and kicks you in the balls pretty frequently. If you don’t meet your goals, then change your goals and be realistic. Dreams might become real, but only after trillions of hours are spent pursuing those dreams, and there are still bills that need to be paid. Anybody talking about female empowerment and minorities being placed in positions of power only need to look as far as South Africa and the current atrocities that are taking place. Haiti, a government made up almost exclusively of black people, and all they do is steal and impoverish their own citizens. Saudi Arabia, where they still to this day conduct public executions, I think they are held every Friday.

For now, idiots will pursue their master’s and doctorate thesis’s in studying why certain women chose their paths. All in the hopes of causing more mass devastation. Merit, hard work, dedication, personal responsibility and accountability are the only real qualities that distinguish the winners from the losers. Stop promoting losers, the problem with the losers is that we will all pay for their losses.

Weaponized Optimism

As responsible, personally accountable, law abiding American citizens, we are always expected to deal with the legislation that is assaulted upon us. We are the ones who pay for criminal activity. We are the ones who must make sacrifices for our elected representatives and we are the ones who always foot the bill. All of this constant adversity that is easily tossed our way to simply “deal with” has become normal for us. We constantly bend, twist, turn and remain flexible. It’s what we have done for generations. From drugs, to taxes, arms and bake sales. We are always under assault from our lame and incompetent incumbents and their lackeys. America was founded upon freedom, power to the people, and us the responsible, law abiding citizens limiting the government. Our optimism has been taken from us, to use against us. They say things like “we are going to be ok” or “we’ve dealt with worse before”.

Notice how it is always us that are made to deal with their buffoonery. It is always us. We are the law abiders, we are the responsible ones. We use a level head and ensure that we allow freedom of others, since that is what we desire the most. We grant freedom to those who wish us extinct. We allow these talking heads to slander us and attempt to turn our very children against us. We are the punching bag, we are the kick plate on a door, we are the ones who receive the blame for their neglect.

Weaponized optimism, it has been used against us forever. When do we say enough is enough? Why are they allowed to do drugs, but we must pay for their therapy? Why are they allowed to have sex, but we must pay for their abortions? Why are their kids allowed to eat free lunches at school, and we must pay more for our children to eat lunch? Why don’t they have to work, and we must pay for their health care? Why don’t they require a job, and we must pay for their groceries? Why, why, why? Because we are weak, because we do the right thing and because we are adults. It’s that simple, we are forced, pushed and shoved, and we do what we are told.

From Enlightenment and Innocence to Savagery and Debauchery

Ralph, Piggy and Jack; Hogg, Jaclyn, Alex, Emma and Cameron. Parallel sets of characters with a similar plot. William Golding’s book “The Lord of The Flies” is a story of well off young boys suddenly marooned, alone and left to fend and govern themselves. Their tragic story is playing out in real time in-front of our very eyes. Their tragedy is being sanctioned and profited. They are being thrust out in front to silence us or anyone who does not agree with them on every aspect of their childlike tantrum. Like the conch shell in the book, their pain and suffering are being wielded as the most powerful tool, when in fact the very nation, Constitution and Bill of Rights is what they use to light their fire, to signal for help. If they can steal our rights and destroy our rights, then we will again be without fire, rights or life.

The saddest and most tragic aspect of both the book and these living martyrs is that, they will only realize their chosen path when they are confronted with their own maniacal devices, platforms and ultimately the loss of their ultimate tool which is freedom. Who is the “Lord of The Flies”, it is either Jack or the severed pig’s head on the end of the sharp pointy stick. If we continue this madness into disparity, confinement and prosecution, we will eventually bow down to whomever can create fire once again. Only Piggy owned his glasses, but he decided to share them to start the fires that protected them, provided for them and ultimately led to their being recognized and saved. Hopefully we will also be recognized and saved, but for now, it seems like the ships will continue to pass by our island as we are too obsessed with acceptance and fear.

The Importance of Being Cordial

In our society of see something say something, we are being turned against each other as our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors are being turned into the Secret Police of America. From being honest with your doctor about your true alcohol intake and outlook on life and popular culture to our intimate lives being broadcast to the world in the hopes of likes and acceptance. We must remain cordial if we are to expect any privacy and the continuance of our right to our rights. Smile, laugh softly and nod your head along with everyone else in sync. Never stand out and most importantly do not ask questions in public.

Sharing of ideas and stances only make it easier for you to be targeted. All that is required is odd behavior and the simple fact that nowadays perception is reality. Context will only be required when speaking to the police or investigators. See something, say something encourages all of us to record our surroundings and dial 911 the instant we pass by something that seems out of place. We readily rely on our government and law enforcement to question that which we don’t understand and refuse to intervene. We, our neighbors and our municipalities record everything. Whether on video, written down or things we have overheard. We are expected to report everything we see, all in the hopes of a safer community.

Freedom and safety do not coexist, they are polar opposites. Safety requires risk mitigation, a thorough understanding and sticking to the rules of engagement and execution. Freedom requires nothing but exercising freedom, to be free is to accept risk. If we want to remain free, we must also allow those around us to be free. We have been transformed into a people that demand safety at the cost of our own freedom. If safety is valued above all, then America will be lost and transformed into a home with a newborn baby. All of the sharp edges must be defeated, our electrical outlets must be covered and when want to use them we must ask permission. Our cabinets and doors will be installed with child locks to ensure that we do not accidentally ingest medicine because it looks like candy.

We will be rewarded with attaboys and stickers to signify our volunteering in the progressive safety and policing of our homes, neighborhoods and communities. The only way to remain unnoticed is to be cordial. The last bastion of freedom is the appearance of compliance. If we don’t not want to be reported, we cannot stand out. That’s how every people of every unjust and oppressed society were able to survive. From the USSR to China, Iran, Egypt and the European Union, and everywhere else in history and around the world. They continue to raise their children in an underground rebellion of cordial compliance and blending in.

This requires discipline and a steadfast loyalty to ourselves and our families. If we take one wrong step we will be reported, apprehended and recorded. All it takes is perceived questionable behavior to spark interest in what else we might be doing. Suspects, we all are suspects in waiting, someone, somewhere will see us and report us eventually. Remain cordial, appear compliant and happy. Laugh when required and be disgruntled after everyone else has become disgruntled. Speak with no one and expect the worst. These are the only tools and coping mechanisms that will help you to slowly and deliberately acquire some freedom of maneuver.

The Secret Police of the USSR stuck fear into the hearts of all of its people. The Secret Police themselves remained cordial and compliant since they were also under constant surveillance.

But then again, the creation of jobs is more important than freedom, right? If we are financially free, but with nothing left to buy, it seems like our job security will soon become meaningless. Safety squanders innovation and independence. If we rely on our government for careers, education and safety, then why is free will or freedom necessary?


We are alone, we have been abandoned. Our shelter has been ripped away. Our belief and faith in our patriotic blood has been spoiled. We have been left to erode away silently into obscurity. We are being hunted down with every piece of legislation that has been passed since the inception of the 1887 Federal Import Ban on Chinese Opium and the 1934 National Firearms Act. Chinese opium wasn’t an epidemic by any stretch of the imagination, but like any local, state or federal government, they tax us to save us apparently. From drugs, food, medicine, schools, and everything else that is either regulated, banned or controlled, they take from us to tax and control the products and ultimately oppress us.

The government has spent trillions of our money distributing drugs and weapons around the world. The government has also been using and experimenting with every drug in existence. Seems like our government is above the law. Food, drugs, guns, medicine and reeducation, our government has it on lockdown. Meanwhile we scurry about, following the letter of the law and cheering like star struck fans at a concert for our favored representative. They are playing us so damn well, and we fall for it every single time. They have this game so well thought out, that not only do we celebrate when our person wins, but we back them up at every opportunity when challenged.

Open your eyes, they have abandoned us. They seek reelection with another group now. They no longer need us, they already got our votes, free and clear. The mere idea that we must vote one way or another has become more and more self-evident, that we are being taken for fools and nincompoops. The game is over, there is no way to flex back. We have lost, that’s it. We have lost our country, we have lost our future for the future, of our kin.

It is more important now to go underground and be a peaceful people, our families need us still to protect and guide them. If we attempt to fight back we will be taken from our families and they will be left to fend for themselves. Our families are all we have, and all they have is us. We have been tossed aside. But we must remain in any capacity for our families. If we are kidnapped or assassinated the same fate will fall upon our children.

Two is One and One is None

Two is one and one is none, a popular saying that more often than not is completely true. The theory behind this principle is building in redundant systems that compensate for failures. Incorporating two over one will help to ensure that when the first fails the second will immediately kick in and take over. Redundant systems are often and more successful than systems that only operate with one. The same is true of the First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights. The first cannot stand or last without the second. The second amendment insures all of the other rights in the Bill of Rights.

If we progressively lose our second amendment right, the others will be slowly scaled back as well until we find ourselves, or more importantly our descendants find themselves without the same rights that we once enjoyed. Our society hasn’t progressed past evil, we must operate with the lowest common denominator at the forefront of any innovation. Safety is only an arm’s length away; the delinquents and villains are always there. They are there and, in their world, there are no laws to abide. We strip ourselves of the right to defend when we allow legislation to grow unchecked and feral. We allow these “lawmakers” to further inhibit on our rights to life, liberty. The right to life is the utmost liberty we must secure. The right to live and the right to be born.

Without the second there is none. Without life, there is nothing. Death and taxes are the only two things in life that are guaranteed, seems like our taxes are securing our death as a nation and as a people. We are being taxed without representation. All of America is being taxed without representation. These laws and regulations are brought about to breathe life into the victims that have been taken from us. These laws will take our breath away and continue to suffocate those of us who remain.

The Internet of Guns and Autonomous Vehicles

The internet and guns receive more blame than the engineers of autonomous vehicles that operate sans direct operation and intervention. Whenever there are casualties whether it be post-election or via malicious violence, the finger is pointed at the inanimate object and then the person. Whenever tragedy strikes the driverless car or any autonomous vehicle, the engineers will usually conduct a detailed and in depth forensic examination of how this happened and what events led up to the catastrophe. More often than not though, an excuse will be given somewhere to the extent of “we are still working out the kinks or this is a project still in development, we apologize for the pain that this has caused the victims, their families and everyone else impacted by this accident, but we can assure you that we are working day and night to ensure this never happens again”. So, it seems that the money devoted to the future of transportation is too large to cease production and research, also the idea of machines and robots working instead of people seems too much to give up. But when it comes to political affiliation and platforms, guns and the internet receive much of the blame.

“I support the second amendment, but no civilian needs this type of fire power”. “The ability to modify, change or confuse voters, is being weaponized and we must secure our democracy”. These lines and talking points, or variations of them are used to try and convince us that we must rid ourselves of these evil maniacal devices, in the hopes of a better society and a more inclusive and understanding people. Because at the end of the day, we are smarter than anyone with hate in their heart, right? Blame hate, blame guns, blame the internet and blame the people that allow these weapons to be in the hands of children. The blame game is in full swing, the ideology behind this, only allows more hate and division to be sewn into our union.

Too bad abortion or drug usage or philandering or prostitution or childhood sex or illegal immigrants don’t spark this type of outrage on a main stream scale. It seems that we are being duped into willfully giving up our freedoms and rights. Before you know it, a sex worker will be thrown into the mix, to further tarnish the already raunchy reputation of anyone who opposes their putrid ideology.

Guns are already on the verge of being taken away or criminalized. The internet has the ability to reach the entire world within milliseconds. Neither operate without a typist or a trigger puller. Autonomous vehicles are the future along with renewable energy and transgenders, so no matter the cost on us, our children and our ways of life, we are expected and forced to accept their bumpy rollout. The game of attrition is acceptable for the tyrants and their supporters.