From World War II V-Day Celebrations to Vietnam Demonstrations (Where Do We Go From Here?)

It’s an interesting dynamic, from the height of American pride and the unity of the family once the troops came home from WWII. To the downfall of the American family and the burning of the American Flag, during and post war Vietnam. Ever since the end of the Vietnam War up until September 11, 2001, there was no major conflict that America was engaged with in direct combat. Once the American government did away with the military draft in 1973, many Americans absconded from answering the call that their fathers and grandfathers had for generations. Thus, the majority of these American citizens who did nothing to earn their citizenship, went to college to earn a degree and start their climb up the ladder, a climb that would result in the abandonment of traditional American core values.

Some say that the hippies won or that the military is a more professional organization now that it is an all-volunteer force. I don’t know which the right fact or opinion on the matter is, but I will say this, the separation between the military and the general public has never been wider. Between WWII and the Korean War, America was strong, family values and traditions were staples in the fabric of America. From the Korean War to Vietnam, the same can be said. Practically all civil service careers, industry, farming, production etc. The military veteran was the backbone of every industry in America. Every single president since WWII had served in the military up until President Bill Clinton, he dodged the draft during the Vietnam War.

During and after the Vietnam War, rioters, protestors, hippies, terrorists and other leftist cells trampled on the American Flag, spit on our returning service members, and tore the American family apart, all while on drugs and psychedelics. Twenty-eight years between Vietnam and Afghanistan. Any man who was born in 1956 on would not be eligible for a military draft ever. Seventeen years old is the minimum age which requires parental consent for any person to join the U.S. military. For 28 years, our country grew, without the requirement to serve.

September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists attacked America and flew two passenger commercial jets into the twin towers. For 28 years, our country grew soft and complacent. For the majority of men in America, they had never carried a rifle overseas, they had never been under fire and they had no idea of how to move forward to confront this enemy of America. So once again, the call was put out for able bodied men and women to step up and volunteer to serve. Then in 2006 through 2008 the call was once again set out for the surge in Iraq. Again, more volunteers signed up to fight and defend. Now, almost 17 years since the war in Afghanistan begun, we are still splintered.

Perhaps America is up for grabs since the majority of its citizens never had to fight to preserve it. Maybe America has been lost for decades due to the inadequate American failing to volunteer to serve. Possibly, this is my opinion. If you are never expected to police yourself, then why would you care for your home or your neighbors? If you cannot donate your time and youth to the service of America, then why would you care what happens with America? Respect for your neighbors, respect for our founders, our founding and the Bill of Rights. No respect is given to such ideas from those who couldn’t be bothered to give back to their forefathers, their brothers and their country.

Where do we go from here? Who knows, this twisted social experiment has been happening now for over 44 years. But the more division between military/civil service and the general population, the worse off we all will be.

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