Attempting Reason, When Reason Was Never Conceived

I think that the anti-gun control community is talking themselves horse, myself included. We are using numbers, facts and the Bill of Rights. None of this matters to the leftists who want us powerless and defenseless. The left does not care about facts, numbers, people or freedom, they want us unarmed and defenseless. At what point do we say Molon Labe? When do we say what the Texans said, “Come And Take It”? Do we have a line in the sand, or are we pleading with those who have willful deaf ears? No one wants war or violence to fall upon them or their communities, but when is enough, enough? Will we simply bow down and give in, or will we make them knock down our doors? Who knows what will happen, who knows who will stand and who will falter.

The French Resistance defied the Nazis, most paid with their lives, but to them it was worth the sacrifice. Then again, we fought alongside the French Resistance, to push out the Nazis and ultimately wipe the Third Reich off the face of the earth. Who will fight to help us out? Is there anyone or any country willing to bail us out of an invasion of tyranny? Probably not, we will be on our own, as we always have been. We protect, we defend and we provide. We stay married, we raise our own children, we feed our own children, bottom line, we take care of us, because our votes are not for sale. We have been forgotten, because we do not rely on the state to give our children free school lunches, because we can buy our own phones and because we know that FEMA is a racket. Our votes are not for sale, so they forget us and they betray us.

They want us disarmed and defenseless. If we won’t take their money, then they know that they cannot rely on our vote and they cannot treat us to handouts. These perceived freebies come with a price, a price of forgotten integrity, the price of millions of dead unborn babies and a price of prostitution.

We use reason, fact, history and most importantly The Bill of Rights. All of this does nothing to strengthen our resolve. We speak in circles around our elected representatives, they have already made up their mind. They must only work out their path towards implementation. So, the question remains, why do we continue to reason with a stone? You cannot get blood from a stone and you cannot have a conversation with a stone. We attempt reason with persons that have no conception of reason. How far will we allow their advance? Can we come together to destroy any legislation that would infringe on Americans remaining American? Or do we continue to plead and beg for our rights to remain ours?

I do not know what the future of America holds, I hope and pray that we will remain free. But every free day that we enjoy, the left enjoys the same freedom to scheme our demise, not theirs, but ours. Think about that paradox.

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