To My Children

Kids, throughout this letter, I will address certain reason why your mother and I have made conscious decisions on how you will be raised into strong, responsible and dependable Americans. I know that throughout your lives up to this point, you have not always understood why your mother and I do things the way we do. In this evil world of danger, it is imperative to your mother and I that we teach you right from wrong, introduce you to God and provide the tools necessary for life, we also will teach you how to use these tools to your own advantage. Our world, our country and our way of life is in peril, it is for these reasons why we will not falter on you. Although at times you may think we are being too hard, we must harden you and strengthen your resolve for when you go out into the world and face these hazards yourself.

Location: Our home is full of love, laughter and care. We lock our doors and close our windows to keep out the bad people that would cause harm to you and to us. We are conscious of where we live, and where we will not live. We reside in the middle, a little country and somewhat city, the suburbs. But where we live, our values and beliefs are not being sanctioned and suppressed. We will not allow your teachers, government or any other outside influences to raise you. We raise you to be strong, question everything and believe no one. These attributes will allow you to quickly identify dangers and help you to always be aware of your surroundings. I know that sometimes the city may seem glamorous, but I can assure you that these metropolitan cities are in deep decay and decline. We chose the countryside over convenience. Convenience always comes at a price, most times that price is your family.

Others: When it comes to your friends, the shows you like to watch and the funny videos we enjoy together, your mother and I are always there. The world is filled with dangers that at first glance may seem nice, comfortable or secure. We control who your friends are and who your friends are not, we will not allow you to associate with just anybody. I know that at times this may seem overbearing or unfair, but you will learn and you will one day appreciate this protection. To maintain the innocence of childhood, both mother and father must be constantly present to protect and direct their children. This will be the foundation for your core values and beliefs, which will guide and protect you throughout your life.

History and Current Events: Your mother and I have very different childhood experiences. But we have the same core values and beliefs. Your mother experienced a tyrannical government through her childhood, and she lived through the downfall of her society and the government that enslaved its own people. I have traveled the world and have witnessed the devastation that society can cause when it is handed too much power and influence over the individual. It is for these first-hand experiences that your mother and I will remind you of where you came from and what can happen when you give into popular opinion and belief. Popular anything forgets the individual for the savagery of the mob. The experiences that your mother and I endured have made us aware of what happens to children and families that look to teachers, doctors and the government when it comes to the individual and their rights. These false prophets will knowingly and willfully sacrifice others for their own gain and prosperity. We will not allow ourselves and we will not allow you to form a dependency on any. We are a family and we take of our own.

Lastly, this letter is simply an outline of your mother’s and my love for you and our responsibility as your parents to raise you right. One day you will either take these or leave these. But your mother and I will do everything we can to prepare you for endurance and resolve.

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