The Selfishness of Legislation Prohibiting Rights

More often than not, we are forced to either watch, listen, read or overhear the litigation from one side specifically when it comes to stripping ourselves of the right to defend against a tyrannical government and protecting ourselves, our families and our property from criminals and their activities. And then kids are thrown into the mix, as if they are the moral arbitrators who cannot be trusted to work a 40-hour week, but yet they are put in front of these attacks, for the purposes of human shields. The one thing that is constantly overlooked is the second and third order effects or simply put the future. The immediate future or the future say of our grandchildren or our great grandchildren.

These proposed legislations only limit ourselves and our offspring from defending themselves from whatever threat will be presented then. Any legislation that would prohibit the citizens of any sovereign nation to defend that nation, only stands to lose their power, and will be overrun shortly from foreign invaders, i.e. the European Union, the United Arab Emirates. These powerful conglomerates easily roll over and dominate any small nation in their path, sweep them up and force them to observe and follow their laws. That is why it is so hard to keep these artificial nations together, since the only real cohesive property is money and power being held by a small minority at the top. Meanwhile everyone else at the bottom, is wanting out of this horrible partnership, and their weak currency.

That’s what happened to all of the countries in the European Union. First almost every single firearm was so heavily regulated that only the serious sportsmen would pay the money, attend the classes and follow the ridiculous protocol that was required by these states. Once these countries successfully disarmed and disabled their own citizens, then they could proceed with a hostile takeover. And since then the European Union has been sacrificing its own citizens for the muslim migrant and supposed refugee, to fight the hated Jews who remain in Europe and the feared Russian takeover. The financiers of the European Union unleashed rabid dogs into their neighborhoods to wipe out the Jewish population and keep the Russians in check, but unfortunately, these dogs have killed, raped and tortured the predominately Christian non-Jewish population to such an extent that the rise of the European skinhead and Nazi has risen to the top again.

So, now the law abiding peaceful citizen is now merely fodder between the migrants, the powerful and the Nazis. The law abiding European citizen cannot defend themselves or their families from any extreme anywhere. All because the old country, Europe and the countries that exist there allowed their hubris to grow wildly out of control and of their own volition, they permanently laid down their arms, thinking that their society had grown to a point of forever peace. But when they decided that they are too virtuous to give into violence, they willfully forgot about their neighbors and how their neighbors did not honor their laws.

If we are disarmed, the same fate will fall upon us. We will be sacrificing our children and their children and their children’s children on the altar of perceived hubris and enlightenment. Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the savages that inhabit this planet, they will come for us, if we are defenseless. The crescent moon already is flown proudly over the European nations and the perverse swastika is coming out of hiding. Innocent peaceful people will be the only victims in this onslaught of gun control and false safety.

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