Let’s Just Say, We’re Not Better Than Anyone Else (An Exercise in Inclusivity)

Let’s just say that America is no better than any other country or region in the world. I mean no other country or society period. Anywhere, in anytime on the globe, for arguments sake, let’s just say that America is not only not better, but far behind other cultures and countries. Education, quality of life, life expectancy, healthcare, DIVERSITY, anything and everything is on the table. If America is not that great and it has never been great, and us as citizens are called to lay down our arms, seems like an oxymoron.

Our neighbors to the south flee their country and their way of life to escape to America, the worst country with the worst president ever (Trump)! Europe, where the white man apparently hailed from originally (before enslaving the rest of the world), insignificant with horrible culture and terrible religion. But for some reason Africans and muslims are running to Europe, again fleeing their own country and their own ways of life. Africa, what can we say about diverse Africa, at least they only cut off one arm? Africa, a land where there hasn’t been peace, ever!

The middle east (now we need to use some serious brain power) the first thing that comes to mind is the American definition of DIVERSITY. And that’s about it. They kill each other and rape children on a massive scale that would make pizza gate look like a Spielberg film or maybe a Disney product. Ok, India, let’s see, massive overpopulation, wait, I mean DIVERSITY. South East Asia, child prostitution and terrorists, no, that’s not right, DIVERSITY again is their strength over America. China, I don’t know if China qualifies for the college entrance definition of DIVERSITY, let’s go with rice and Karate. Russia, evil Russia, well, let’s just say that they are on the bottom (our bottom bitches).

Japan, Sumo wrestling, Toyota and Honda. Korea, where they are even more capitalists than we are. North Korea, hungry and cold. Australia, again, another country where the white government subjugated the natives, and then made everyone turn in their guns. Canada, where even Trudeau’s mother stepped out on his father on a regular basis. But anyway, back to Canada, again another white European government that subjugated the natives, and regulated guns, but hey feminist president right. South America, I guess DIVERSITY.

It seems that possibly America is better, as long as we get to keep our guns. But once we turn our guns over, then we will cease to be the greatest country and society ever!

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