The Reality of an Impending Government Gun Grab

Whether its fear mongering on one side, or justification on the other, the reality is that gun grabs are already happening in our country. For now, the justification is being proclaimed as taking guns away from the mentally unstable and criminals. So, all it takes is being diagnosed with a mental instability or being labeled a criminal. These two criteria are so broad and undefined, that to the layperson, it sounds like a good idea. But the fact remains that the harder that gun control is pushed, it is only a matter of time until we too will be labeled with a mental health concern or possibly arrested for jay walking. This is the easiest criteria for the government to strip us of our rights. Whether we have a bad day and the wrong person see us, then reports us for having anger management issues. Or something more heinous. The fact remains, that all it takes is a diagnosis or unpaid tickets (that you might not know that you have).

We hear it over and over again, the police and the military would never go door to door collecting our guns. But if you open your eyes, this is how it is already happening. They are using the justification of criminals and mental health to slowly and categorically disarm us. If the police and the military believe that they are just doing their job, then they will comply with their orders. They are simply working on one piece of the puzzle, slowly and with good intent. However, their bosses, the politicians understand the long game.

The laws in this country are becoming more and more obsessive and oppressive. With every new law, a law-abiding citizen is suddenly transformed into a criminal, unknowingly. At the same time, our doctors are becoming more and more empowered to observe and report their patients, a simple bad day at the doctor’s office can turn your entire life upside down. Remember don’t complain about the long wait and don’t forget to thank your doctor for their advice and treatment.

Criminals and the mentally ill, broad and open terms that will entrap us all one day.

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