The Internet of Guns and Autonomous Vehicles

The internet and guns receive more blame than the engineers of autonomous vehicles that operate sans direct operation and intervention. Whenever there are casualties whether it be post-election or via malicious violence, the finger is pointed at the inanimate object and then the person. Whenever tragedy strikes the driverless car or any autonomous vehicle, the engineers will usually conduct a detailed and in depth forensic examination of how this happened and what events led up to the catastrophe. More often than not though, an excuse will be given somewhere to the extent of “we are still working out the kinks or this is a project still in development, we apologize for the pain that this has caused the victims, their families and everyone else impacted by this accident, but we can assure you that we are working day and night to ensure this never happens again”. So, it seems that the money devoted to the future of transportation is too large to cease production and research, also the idea of machines and robots working instead of people seems too much to give up. But when it comes to political affiliation and platforms, guns and the internet receive much of the blame.

“I support the second amendment, but no civilian needs this type of fire power”. “The ability to modify, change or confuse voters, is being weaponized and we must secure our democracy”. These lines and talking points, or variations of them are used to try and convince us that we must rid ourselves of these evil maniacal devices, in the hopes of a better society and a more inclusive and understanding people. Because at the end of the day, we are smarter than anyone with hate in their heart, right? Blame hate, blame guns, blame the internet and blame the people that allow these weapons to be in the hands of children. The blame game is in full swing, the ideology behind this, only allows more hate and division to be sewn into our union.

Too bad abortion or drug usage or philandering or prostitution or childhood sex or illegal immigrants don’t spark this type of outrage on a main stream scale. It seems that we are being duped into willfully giving up our freedoms and rights. Before you know it, a sex worker will be thrown into the mix, to further tarnish the already raunchy reputation of anyone who opposes their putrid ideology.

Guns are already on the verge of being taken away or criminalized. The internet has the ability to reach the entire world within milliseconds. Neither operate without a typist or a trigger puller. Autonomous vehicles are the future along with renewable energy and transgenders, so no matter the cost on us, our children and our ways of life, we are expected and forced to accept their bumpy rollout. The game of attrition is acceptable for the tyrants and their supporters.

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