We are alone, we have been abandoned. Our shelter has been ripped away. Our belief and faith in our patriotic blood has been spoiled. We have been left to erode away silently into obscurity. We are being hunted down with every piece of legislation that has been passed since the inception of the 1887 Federal Import Ban on Chinese Opium and the 1934 National Firearms Act. Chinese opium wasn’t an epidemic by any stretch of the imagination, but like any local, state or federal government, they tax us to save us apparently. From drugs, food, medicine, schools, and everything else that is either regulated, banned or controlled, they take from us to tax and control the products and ultimately oppress us.

The government has spent trillions of our money distributing drugs and weapons around the world. The government has also been using and experimenting with every drug in existence. Seems like our government is above the law. Food, drugs, guns, medicine and reeducation, our government has it on lockdown. Meanwhile we scurry about, following the letter of the law and cheering like star struck fans at a concert for our favored representative. They are playing us so damn well, and we fall for it every single time. They have this game so well thought out, that not only do we celebrate when our person wins, but we back them up at every opportunity when challenged.

Open your eyes, they have abandoned us. They seek reelection with another group now. They no longer need us, they already got our votes, free and clear. The mere idea that we must vote one way or another has become more and more self-evident, that we are being taken for fools and nincompoops. The game is over, there is no way to flex back. We have lost, that’s it. We have lost our country, we have lost our future for the future, of our kin.

It is more important now to go underground and be a peaceful people, our families need us still to protect and guide them. If we attempt to fight back we will be taken from our families and they will be left to fend for themselves. Our families are all we have, and all they have is us. We have been tossed aside. But we must remain in any capacity for our families. If we are kidnapped or assassinated the same fate will fall upon our children.

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