The Importance of Being Cordial

In our society of see something say something, we are being turned against each other as our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors are being turned into the Secret Police of America. From being honest with your doctor about your true alcohol intake and outlook on life and popular culture to our intimate lives being broadcast to the world in the hopes of likes and acceptance. We must remain cordial if we are to expect any privacy and the continuance of our right to our rights. Smile, laugh softly and nod your head along with everyone else in sync. Never stand out and most importantly do not ask questions in public.

Sharing of ideas and stances only make it easier for you to be targeted. All that is required is odd behavior and the simple fact that nowadays perception is reality. Context will only be required when speaking to the police or investigators. See something, say something encourages all of us to record our surroundings and dial 911 the instant we pass by something that seems out of place. We readily rely on our government and law enforcement to question that which we don’t understand and refuse to intervene. We, our neighbors and our municipalities record everything. Whether on video, written down or things we have overheard. We are expected to report everything we see, all in the hopes of a safer community.

Freedom and safety do not coexist, they are polar opposites. Safety requires risk mitigation, a thorough understanding and sticking to the rules of engagement and execution. Freedom requires nothing but exercising freedom, to be free is to accept risk. If we want to remain free, we must also allow those around us to be free. We have been transformed into a people that demand safety at the cost of our own freedom. If safety is valued above all, then America will be lost and transformed into a home with a newborn baby. All of the sharp edges must be defeated, our electrical outlets must be covered and when want to use them we must ask permission. Our cabinets and doors will be installed with child locks to ensure that we do not accidentally ingest medicine because it looks like candy.

We will be rewarded with attaboys and stickers to signify our volunteering in the progressive safety and policing of our homes, neighborhoods and communities. The only way to remain unnoticed is to be cordial. The last bastion of freedom is the appearance of compliance. If we don’t not want to be reported, we cannot stand out. That’s how every people of every unjust and oppressed society were able to survive. From the USSR to China, Iran, Egypt and the European Union, and everywhere else in history and around the world. They continue to raise their children in an underground rebellion of cordial compliance and blending in.

This requires discipline and a steadfast loyalty to ourselves and our families. If we take one wrong step we will be reported, apprehended and recorded. All it takes is perceived questionable behavior to spark interest in what else we might be doing. Suspects, we all are suspects in waiting, someone, somewhere will see us and report us eventually. Remain cordial, appear compliant and happy. Laugh when required and be disgruntled after everyone else has become disgruntled. Speak with no one and expect the worst. These are the only tools and coping mechanisms that will help you to slowly and deliberately acquire some freedom of maneuver.

The Secret Police of the USSR stuck fear into the hearts of all of its people. The Secret Police themselves remained cordial and compliant since they were also under constant surveillance.

But then again, the creation of jobs is more important than freedom, right? If we are financially free, but with nothing left to buy, it seems like our job security will soon become meaningless. Safety squanders innovation and independence. If we rely on our government for careers, education and safety, then why is free will or freedom necessary?

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