Two is One and One is None

Two is one and one is none, a popular saying that more often than not is completely true. The theory behind this principle is building in redundant systems that compensate for failures. Incorporating two over one will help to ensure that when the first fails the second will immediately kick in and take over. Redundant systems are often and more successful than systems that only operate with one. The same is true of the First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights. The first cannot stand or last without the second. The second amendment insures all of the other rights in the Bill of Rights.

If we progressively lose our second amendment right, the others will be slowly scaled back as well until we find ourselves, or more importantly our descendants find themselves without the same rights that we once enjoyed. Our society hasn’t progressed past evil, we must operate with the lowest common denominator at the forefront of any innovation. Safety is only an arm’s length away; the delinquents and villains are always there. They are there and, in their world, there are no laws to abide. We strip ourselves of the right to defend when we allow legislation to grow unchecked and feral. We allow these “lawmakers” to further inhibit on our rights to life, liberty. The right to life is the utmost liberty we must secure. The right to live and the right to be born.

Without the second there is none. Without life, there is nothing. Death and taxes are the only two things in life that are guaranteed, seems like our taxes are securing our death as a nation and as a people. We are being taxed without representation. All of America is being taxed without representation. These laws and regulations are brought about to breathe life into the victims that have been taken from us. These laws will take our breath away and continue to suffocate those of us who remain.

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