Weaponized Optimism

As responsible, personally accountable, law abiding American citizens, we are always expected to deal with the legislation that is assaulted upon us. We are the ones who pay for criminal activity. We are the ones who must make sacrifices for our elected representatives and we are the ones who always foot the bill. All of this constant adversity that is easily tossed our way to simply “deal with” has become normal for us. We constantly bend, twist, turn and remain flexible. It’s what we have done for generations. From drugs, to taxes, arms and bake sales. We are always under assault from our lame and incompetent incumbents and their lackeys. America was founded upon freedom, power to the people, and us the responsible, law abiding citizens limiting the government. Our optimism has been taken from us, to use against us. They say things like “we are going to be ok” or “we’ve dealt with worse before”.

Notice how it is always us that are made to deal with their buffoonery. It is always us. We are the law abiders, we are the responsible ones. We use a level head and ensure that we allow freedom of others, since that is what we desire the most. We grant freedom to those who wish us extinct. We allow these talking heads to slander us and attempt to turn our very children against us. We are the punching bag, we are the kick plate on a door, we are the ones who receive the blame for their neglect.

Weaponized optimism, it has been used against us forever. When do we say enough is enough? Why are they allowed to do drugs, but we must pay for their therapy? Why are they allowed to have sex, but we must pay for their abortions? Why are their kids allowed to eat free lunches at school, and we must pay more for our children to eat lunch? Why don’t they have to work, and we must pay for their health care? Why don’t they require a job, and we must pay for their groceries? Why, why, why? Because we are weak, because we do the right thing and because we are adults. It’s that simple, we are forced, pushed and shoved, and we do what we are told.

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