Kings to Queens, Presidents and Others

If you listen to the atmosphere today it seems that women and minorities are underrepresented and undervalued more than their male and often white counterparts. However; throughout history there have been thousands of kings and queens, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, senators, elected representatives and so on and so on. With all of these historical figures and leaders, even in present time, somehow; we are being told that women still haven’t broken the glass ceiling. Blacks, Asians, Latinos or Hispanics, Muslims and others have ruled and still rule to this day. So, my question is, why are we being preached to about equality, when apparently the world is pretty balanced throughout history and in recent memory with leaders in all forms, colors and sexes.

From Catherine the Great, to Barrack Obama. It would seem that every box has been checked in the form of identity politics. That’s the real bottom line, identity, not context, but identity. With all of these perceived minorities and females in power, maybe the breakdown is personal conviction. If we continue to lift up these underqualified and inexperienced people, we will all pay the price for their incompetence. Angela Merkel is still the chancellor of Germany, Queen Elizabeth II is still the Queen of England, Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sadiq Khan is the Mayor of London. All of these places are pretty messed up, dangerous and on the brink of total and catastrophic failure. How can this be with all of this diverse representation you may ask, well perhaps in public works, everything is always messy, but in their cases, when they were elected via identity politics, all of their qualifications and platforms were second to whatever’s in their pants and the color of their skin.

Anybody can strive to be whatever they want, but life punches you in the face and kicks you in the balls pretty frequently. If you don’t meet your goals, then change your goals and be realistic. Dreams might become real, but only after trillions of hours are spent pursuing those dreams, and there are still bills that need to be paid. Anybody talking about female empowerment and minorities being placed in positions of power only need to look as far as South Africa and the current atrocities that are taking place. Haiti, a government made up almost exclusively of black people, and all they do is steal and impoverish their own citizens. Saudi Arabia, where they still to this day conduct public executions, I think they are held every Friday.

For now, idiots will pursue their master’s and doctorate thesis’s in studying why certain women chose their paths. All in the hopes of causing more mass devastation. Merit, hard work, dedication, personal responsibility and accountability are the only real qualities that distinguish the winners from the losers. Stop promoting losers, the problem with the losers is that we will all pay for their losses.

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