Who Cares About Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?

Who cares about Sarah Huckabee-Sanders? Why is this even being discussed? Do we assume that she was the victim in this whole White House Correspondence Dinner debauchery? Anyone who is in public service should be able to get a “bloody nose” from time to time without different sides running to their defense immediately. What is it about tribalism or identity politics that causes us to propel these human beings to statures that they clearly do not adhere to? Since when has anyone in politics or public service been transformed into living martyrs that are beyond reproach and are considered modern-day saints? Obama is constantly hailed as a great president and man, why, what has he ever personally done for you or me to align ourselves with him one hundred percent without question or falter? Apparently, we are a very simple people with singular issues that can easily be attached to one side over the other, without any real regard for resolution.

Anyone in public service should and needs to be able to deal with constant adversity, no matter how high or low. This is how sides are chosen over real problems and solutions. I like Sarah, I think that she is very good at what she does. But is she off limits? If so then who else has been off limits and who else will be off limits in the future? Do not allow your personal feelings and emotions to dictate who can ask what and what can and cannot be asked of anyone, that’s how we ended up here. The more we drag our elected representatives and their staff through the mud, the better off we all will be. The more scrutiny that we place on them, the less apt they will be to continue to run us into the ground.

The attacks on her, were attacks on her and the current administration, if we outlaw that, then our scrutiny will be outlawed next time. Your feelings on the matter do not matter. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into this false idea of victimhood. Bullying happens, let it happen, it builds character and iron will. Train yourself and your children to deal with bullies, if all the bullies are suddenly silenced, then who will the new bullies be?

The Kanye Phenomenon

From KKK white, to Nazi brown, Antifa black to Arizona red, Democrat blue to Republican red; all of these “revolutions” work on either the willfully ignorant or the truly and profoundly idiotic. The Korean Peninsula being somewhat unified for now and Russia is being crippled and delegitimized like never before. Employment is continuing to rise; the dollar is regaining its dominance in the world. The European Union is creeping towards extinction, perhaps socialism, groupthink and legislated inclusion are how societies are erased from existence. Kanye West is causing static on both the left and the right, whether you like or dislike him is completely irrelevant. What I think he is expressing is allegiance to oneself, not any group or singular ideology.

All it took for the titanic to go down was colliding with an iceberg. We are all boarding what we may think is the right side of history, aligning ourselves with the identity of others, rather than taking care of our own personal responsibilities. If we group together on the flimsy stances of one sided politics, then we will easily be toppled. Why are we criminalized and committed to the idea of mental instability when we simply communicate what is in fact true? Is any one side completely right or vice versa completely wrong? The merits have been lost to skin color and immaturity. The idea that racism needs to be wiped out as well as hunger and illiteracy is the same eugenics that promotes abortion in predominantly black and lower income communities.

The furtherance of political correctness and choosing the winner based on sex, color, religion and whom they choose to share their bed with, promotes a new supreme race. No one cares who you desire to sleep with just as no one cares whether or not your power bill is paid. In America we choose our own individual paths, if you choose wrong, then that’s on you, not us. The legitimization of sodomy, constant inebriation and the false perception of we love while they hate is simply a forced illusion, which allows the user to hide from responsibility.

Forcing people to act as cattle causes more catastrophic damage to everyone than simply allowing people to be people. You don’t have to like or love anyone. Its everyone’s choice. Kanye spoke about independent thought as an independent person. It’s a simple idea for these simple times. With everyone on both the left and the right clamoring at Kanye’s tweets only solidifies and proves Kanye correct. If you’re on the right then you are championing him now and on the left they are calling him insane.

Individuals speaking as independent thinkers. The fact that we pay taxes is the singular point why we have a seat at the table and why no idea or comment is off limits to us. Promoting education or experience over the tax payer and their opinion or voice is how the Third Reich came into power. The American tax payer is the strongest person in the room, once the tax payer is gone and their voice is silent, we will all lose! The history of the world has time and time again shown the resilience of the human spirit, stifle the human spirit for now and one day you will pay.

Quantity Over Quality

What is it about money that drives people over the top when it comes to quantity over quality. Compensation is usually derived from experience, tenure and resilience. Equal pay for equal work is not an honest equation. Equal work denotes, equal experience, equal knowledge and equal time on the job. But who decides what equates to equal? In this era of victimhood and desired socialism, what is truly sought after? Pay is personal and requires negotiation, there is no need to publish pay rates for any institution or private entity. When personal matters become public record for the greed of the inexperienced, where will it stop? The constant idea of the wicked are those that have while those that feel that they do not have are entitled, where does it end?

Does tenure and resilience mean anything anymore? The investment a person devotes to any singular profession, usually signifies loyalty to their craft. The higher the craft, the more compensation is justified. When the gap between novice and expert is erased in the false name of fairness, then money may be gained by the whiners, but the institution will assuredly falter before long. When the institution becomes extinct, where will the novices apply next, and what will their demands be?

When will enough be enough? Once their demands are met, it will only be a matter of time until new demands will be devised. Do not deal with economic terrorists, wants are not needs.

Guns, Bombs, Knives and Abortions

What is it about modern popular culture that focuses on the smallest percentage and decides that it needs to be banned. From malpractice death, to bombings, from knife bans to abortions. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Abortions are people killing people. Doctors, dentists and surgeons kill more people every year than almost every other profession. A bomb killed 48 people in Iraq this weekend, one bomb. Not an AR and not an AK, a person who hated a select group of people assembled a bomb, planted it and then detonated it. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is demanding a knife ban and he has promised that anyone caught with a knife will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In America, switchblades and balisong (butterfly) knives are already outlawed, to include collapsible batons and other blunt force objects that people carry everyday to defend themselves. The police are issued collapsible batons, why are we barred from carrying them as well?

Proper identification is already required in the U.S. to purchase certain materials and chemicals, those that can possibly be assembled into an explosive. Why does everyone think that we can legislate and regulate human behavior? People have been killing other people since the beginning of time. Laws and enforcement have never stopped murder, they merely conduct an investigation after the crime was already committed, to assign motive and means. People texting or under the influence or both while driving and walking have caused far more death and mutilation than any gun has. Without a trigger puller a gun is inoperable.

The clamor that abounds is directed at the inanimate object, rather than the perpetrator. Lay down your arms and demolish your defenses, but what about all of the bullies and last I heard there is a rape culture in America. I would think that the last thing any sane person would comply with, would be to give up their independence and life. If cops are targeting blacks, maybe they should arm themselves. If all men are rapists in waiting, then women should arm themselves. If gays and other queers are worried about being targeted for hate, then why wouldn’t they arm themselves. With all of the perceived threats coming out of Trump’s mouth, aimed at reporters and entertainers, I would think that they would want more guns to defend themselves with.

Why in this era of hubris, false enlightenment and scholastic intellectuals, do we think that violence doesn’t happen to good people? The rich and powerful can afford top tier security. The elites are protected by depths of protection and experienced gun slingers. Who are they to tell us what we need and don’t need? If you do not like guns and do not have any, I can respect that. But do not judge me since I do not persecute you for living your own life.

Once firearms are banned, then knives will follow and so on and so on. Arms are currently guaranteed by the Second Amendment, automobiles are not. The ever-growing list of prohibited persons will one day swallow everyone up in its path. So, go ahead, drink your alcohol, smoke your weed, and allow the furtherance of tyranny, since your selfish FEELINGS dictate what others can and cannot do. One day you may wake up to a country and society being locked up for breaking curfew. Breeds of dogs are currently banned in cities worldwide. Bans don’t protect, armed citizens do.


It has been said, “if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything”. Conviction, responsibility and the ever-long desire to escape reality. We all long for the time when peace, silence and normalcy will enter our lives, a time when we can reap the fruits of a lifetime of labor. In the meantime, we seem preoccupied with fixing everything and everyone around us, so much so that we often project our own worst traits onto others. We make assumptions and judgements based on soundbites and Facebook polls. The occasional Cosmopolitan magazine test or survey used to be fun to share with loved ones and friends, but it was simple, pen and paper, no connection required.

Everything is so personal now that it is easy to prosecute our own neighbors on the smallest decisions. The ideology of you are either with us or against us has taken over, EVERYWHERE, all over the developed world. So, with so many adrift in the sea of social and responsible change, there may be a chance that their homes are a disaster while they force us to recycle.

These nihilists strive to divide and destroy, all in the name of acceptance. Why is acceptance so widely desired? For a generation of self-proclaimed unique people, mediocracy is championed and diversity is simply compliance. The acceptance of others, begins first with the acceptance of oneself. When someone constantly spits venom at those they may disagree with, how can they demand acceptance from others? Instead of becoming a momentary trendsetter, why not take care of what will truly matters now and in the future, your family. But, alas, the traditional nuclear family has been slowly dismantled by generations of materialistic greed and a criminal dependency on others to provide for us.

A lifetime of looking for a purpose has robbed us of our time together. The love and acceptance of a family can make up for a lifetime of perceived losses. Technology is constantly updating, government will always be there to steal and assault us, the environment has survived since the beginning of time without any real intervention, all of these remainders will never change, we adapt to them, unfortunate but true. We can only attempt to control ourselves and love those with whom we share blood. Realize that the self-inflicted malicious attack you take personally for the sins of others, is not yours to answer come judgement. Sin is sin, accept others for who they are, however; choose your company wisely.

The world will keep on turning regardless of whether or not you get out of bed today, you are not that important, practically invisible from the stratosphere looking down. Quit holding your head so high while your children are still small, appreciate what you already have. Allow others to do the same, by granting them the same freedom you desire for yourself. Accept yourself and those around you before you demand acceptance from others. Humility goes a long way.

The Perceived Racial Bias of Starbucks

The recent events at Starbucks have everyone all spun up over the excuse that is being force-fed, racism. I cannot prove this theory outright, but a closer look would reveal that it was a woman, a female manager at that specific store that called 911 to report the two gentlemen. I think that this racism thing is just being spun to protect something or someone. I haven’t seen any pictures or names of this so-called manager. Usually in these cases, the person is known immediately. So, without knowing all of the players, we now all want to suddenly boycott Starbucks?

My inclination is that whenever a female calls the police on a male, the male’s chances of being arrested (even if no crime was committed) are so dang high, that the police were merely exercising muscle memory. In this climate of victimhood, the female always wins, the man will almost assuredly always be put in handcuffs or restrained. This case has more to do with women abusing law enforcement and causing real harm to men, than it does with any type of racist inclination.

Starbucks isn’t racist. The female manager that knew how to play the damsel in destress was the real perpetrator. Yet, where is her picture or name? She is referred to only as the female manager.

Maybe I am wrong, but this is what I think really happened. Starbucks won’t allow any woman to be slandered whether true or not, however; it’s open season on men.

The Ideology of America

When our founders signed the Articles of Confederacy, they made the conscious decision that what they were fighting for was worth every one of their lives and the lives of their families. They saw the United States of America as an opportunity to grasp perfection, and that was worth more than anyone, it was worth everyone. The United States Declaration of Independence declared our independence to the world. We sworn an allegiance to ourselves, not a crown, and not any man or woman. We were still at war with the British Crown, our declaration laid out our demands and our intent clearly and concisely to our enemies. The United States Declaration of Independence began with one of the most well-known and powerful sentences since God had created man.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Acknowledging that all men are created equal, we are created equal, it is our free will that enables us to either ascend or descend from that point until our death.

The United States Constitution, laid out the perfect ideology of The United States of America. Like the Holy Bible, the constitution lays out absolute perfection, it provides the groundwork and a step by step guide of how to attempt perfection. We are all human, we sin and give into temptation. We know right from wrong, we are all created equal, however; it is our free will that allows us to choose right from wrong. The United States of America is the closest nation to perfection, just because man is corrupt and fallible, doesn’t mean that The United States of America is corrupt or fallible.

The United States Bill of Rights is what we need to sustain and improve man’s odds and chances of insuring The United States of America. As men and women of this great country, none of these documents or ideologies belong to any one person exclusively. These documents are all of ours, these documents are the idea of perfection in an imperfect world.

The United States of America is quite possibly man’s final attempt at right in a world of wrong. We cannot lose America, we cannot lose ourselves in selfish and petty fights. The United States of America breathes life and hope into the rest of the world. If America is lost, then man will forever be lost.

You Salute the Rank, not the Man

You salute the rank, not the man. Humility is a valuable trait in any leader. I had a battalion commander that would always remark during a promotion ceremony that achieving rank shows merely the potential, it is on the man to earn their rank once promoted. Having the ability to separate yourself from your opinions and stances, to simply do what is needed, regardless of anyone’s personal feelings on the matter or task at hand. Recognizing that the only reason you were selected for more responsibility and leadership, was due to what you had exhibited and produced before anything was awarded. Too often we assume the rank is our identity and that receiving the rank was only a matter of time, because it is what we deserved (or so we thought).

A great leader is only as great as those who he leads. We salute the rank, because of the generations who wore that rank before us and fought to ensure that one day we would be able to step up and carry the tradition forward for the generations that follow ours. The rank or position is not an identity, it is only a responsibility to those who follow and the humanity of compassion and love for fairness and honesty. To train and mentor the next leaders, to be a model of professionalism and humility.

We are all human, we all have something to contribute. We do not praise the man, rather his accomplishments. We are all born naked into this world with nothing and we will leave this world in the same fashion. No man or woman is better than the other, however; it is what you are willing to do for your fellow man and woman that brings honor and legacy to your name. Honor your name, and the sacrifices your ancestors had to endure to ensure your life. Honor the rank and the responsibility that comes with it, the man will one day pass on, but the rank and the responsibility remain.

If we cannot look to those in the past that made us who we are today, then our hubris will dictate our existence. Hubris leads to trouble and failure. Humility and compassion are what we expect from others, so it is what we should extend to others. The rank is not fallible, the man is.

Forever Young

The major difference between adults and children is that adults do adult things like fix problems, whereas children merely complain about their personal problems. Children need adults to fix problems for them. The “American Dream” has been transformed from having the independence and rights to take control of your own life, into everybody “deserves” their own dream. The word and ideology of “deserves” has a certain connotation that is often translated as a right, not an opportunity. After a lifetime of being told that we can be whatever we want and hearing that we “deserve” happiness, the lazy American wants in one hand and wishes in the other. Basic human needs have been methodically replaced with nothing but wants and desires. We think that we need so much now, that it is easy to point the finger at those who do have, while we do not have.

We work now more than ever, but why? From my perspective our society has become entitled. We no longer live within our means, because we all long for a montage that requires little work or discipline, but ultimately is returned with ever long happiness and fulfillment. Again, from my perspective, it seems that we are more than happy to mortgage everything in our lives, for what everyone else has. We all want to “Keep up with the Jones’s”, without any real collateral, except for the credit that we willingly and happily sign for. We put ourselves in a perpetual state of debt to such an extent that if anything goes wrong, the ripple effect is catastrophic on what we have come to expect from leading a “successful life”.

So, when it comes to politics, it is too easy for the politicians to point their finger at our “bad guy”. Whether its education loans, healthcare, firearms, etc. etc. etc. We allow these crooks to pretend like they look out for us, but it is as simple as one hand washes the other. Why after decades of championing any politician that says they will fix our wrongs do we allow ourselves, friends and neighbors to continue to fall for this sham. We did it to ourselves. “Intellectuals” since the beginning of time have always looked to other nations and societies to point out how they do it “right”, or how they are so much better than us because of “whatever”.

We cannot see the forest from the trees, we always think that somebody else has it better. We do not appreciate what we already have, we always want more and more and more. We chase our own selfish dreams at the cost of the ones whom we love, because “we can be anything that we want to be”. If we cannot fix our own problems, what makes us think that someone else can. I think that problems are great for business and politics. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, if there are no manufactured problems, then these politicians would have nothing to run on. Do we really think that our problems are everyone else’s problems? Are we at our core truly that selfish and that self-involved? Do we really need more “adults” in our lives, micromanaging us and telling us not to worry, everything will be alright as long as they win?

Everybody has problems, the difference is, that some take care of themselves while the majority expect room service at motel rates. At the end of the day, you always pay for what you get. Most good comes at a premium, if you’re not willing to pay for what you want, then you will always feel sorry for yourself. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have near the technology that we do, for some reason they were able to make it work for them in their situations. Why can’t we? Give up this toxic ideology of remaining forever young, we all age and we all have our circumstances. Be adult enough to work for what you want and exercise constant expectation management. If we all grow up to be children, what are we teaching our children?

Silence is NOT Compliance

We are not welcome. Our opinions and our choices are not reflected or asked for. We are winning and it is because of that, we are continually silenced. Pol Pot (a Marxist-Leninist communist) notoriously killed and murdered his own citizens who were considered “intellectual”. He did this to control the people who remained. If your population cannot read, practice science or engage in philosophy, then they are easily controlled. Pol Pot silenced (murdered) anyone whom he viewed as a threat to his supremacy. The entire premise and ideology of the Khmer Rouge was to control the masses through ignorance and violence.

When you look at groups like Antifa, the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, Black Lives Matter, The Weather Underground and every other extremist group, the defining trend is that they want to wipe out everyone who defies them and they also desire to rewrite history. Our government has been rewriting history for decades, ever since the inception of the Department of Education. State run and funded re-education. The state controls the information and the tests. To pass the test, you must be able to regurgitate the misinformation that you have been force fed, once you pass the test, then you can go out into the world and recite what you were taught by the state.

These groups only survive off the backs, wallets and voices of imbeciles. They pit us against them, they define us as their sworn enemy, since we do not participate in their buffoonery. They can only exist on a plane of ignorance and childish outrage. Lately, more and more schools (including post-secondary education) are buying into this ideology and extremist outlook to whomever disagrees with them. The trend of the emotional age varies greatly from the physical age. These troglodytes are so threatened by our simple and direct dialogue, that they scream and shriek, always attempting to silence us. The majority of these domestic disturbers claim intelligence, since the state provided them a diploma for their wall, to signify their ability to digest propaganda and willfully participate and accept forever loans for their re-education. Our silence is not compliance.

Pol Pot is their model. They view us as standing in the way of their progress towards dominance. They want us exterminated and cast out. Their greatest fear, is that they will never recoup their credit. Money, it’s always been about money and it will always be about money. If we can forgive their loans, then their outrage will quell, or so they say. Do not give into their tantrums, continue to speak and communicate freely, if we stop, then we will be silenced.

The First Amendment is more powerful and devastating than the Second Amendment. The ability to inspire others to execute your will and desire compounds the mass effects of simple criminality are far greater than the maximum effective range of any round. We need words now more than ever, dialogue and grammar, written and spoken. This is how we win and come together once again as a nation.

Unwanted Gifts

Today it seems that “mental health” is constantly being discussed, labeling people that appear whether on paper or in person to be “unstable”. The thing about any “disorder” is that it takes place due to circumstance, not asking for it and not wanting to be a part of it in the first place. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is huge these days and more and more are not sure of how to proceed or properly engage with these “troubled” people. Whether through war, rape, witnessing murder or violence, PTSD is ruining millions of lives on a daily basis. The gift of PTSD is that is almost akin to having a super power, the vigilance and a certain “Spidey sense” of how to avoid impending trouble. The unwanted aspect of PTSD is that you are figuratively carrying a “red flag” everywhere you go. Employer’s, insurance agencies, our rights, etc. etc. etc., the ripple effect of being diagnosed can be crippling.

That’s the biggest threat when it comes to being diagnosed with any perceived mental health concern. No one ever asks for PTSD, it is due to time and place and circumstance. Those of us who remain, remain because we asked for help when we needed it. We asked for help and started therapy, now for the rest of our lives, our record is permanently vandalized. We continue to navigate this world always knowing that we will always be under more scrutiny than those who either haven’t been diagnosed or those who refuse treatment. The other aspect of this lifestyle is that we must always and constantly be aware of the feelings of the people around us. It is too easy to be taken the wrong way and face devastating life altering events that will again follow you throughout your life.

Our health records are being sought out to curtail our rights. We had an issue, we sought help and now we pay for the price of experience. How many more people need to feel the sting of rights infringed for this to be rectified? We didn’t break the law, we didn’t do anything wrong, all we did was follow our doctor’s orders and take our prescribed medication as directed and now we lose since we are not looked upon as stable law-abiding citizens anymore. We are looked upon as walking and talking liabilities that could explode at any moment. What is it about us who seek help and communicate our needs and fears that make us so scary?

Instead of going on a tirade, we did what we had to, for some maybe this also saved their lives. For this we are punished and limited. PTSD happens and if this trend continues then every single student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will also lose their rights, for witnessing savagery.

Labeling people and inhibiting on our rights does not stop crime. The more we are punished, the more will abscond from help or outreach. We haven’t broken any laws, quit trying to “protect” us from ourselves and treat us as the law-abiding citizens that we are.

The Optics of “Diversity”

What is with all of this speak concerning a certain aspect of “diversity”? What is the purpose behind driving the simple glance of diversity? Is diversity dictated by the color of a person’s skin, the reproductive organs between their legs or the garb that they desire to cover themselves in? If this is your definition of diversity then, apparently you subscribe to the ideology of stereotypes. I can understand and appreciate the goal of attaining true diversity, not only to capture and hopefully mirror the ideas and cultures of everyone, its good business if you can truly exude that type of appeal. But why is looking at a photo and counting the numbers of different colors or sexes apparently the only surface diversity that is championed?

Again, are we that simple or are each and every one of us different and unique? Are we individuals, do we decide for ourselves, or do we follow the dictated trends of others and allow them to tell us what we should think, eat and accept? If your friends are jumping off of a bridge, do you follow them? Are we judged by our actions and character or are we constantly discriminated based on the certain boxes we check? Discrimination can get your both hired and fired, if we are to be discriminated based on stereotypes, what will the fate of our complex individuality be for our future and the future of our children? The far right and the far left is the exact same, both want us to wipe the other out of existence. We must find a way to quasi harmony if we are to secure the future for our kin.

Answer for yourself, is this accurate? Please comment if you are so inclined, the more we speak, the more power we bring to ourselves. Communication, don’t allow simple aspects or opposing opinions dictate what you believe or who you will attempt to reach.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but usually the story behind the picture is even more entertaining and beautiful.

The Facebook Psyop Partnership

Yesterday, 10 April 2018, we were all treated to some entertaining daytime television. The ratings that politics draw today, is very reassuring that more and more are becoming involved, regardless of anyone’s particular side, the more that participate the better. So, the Facebook founder and CEO was front and center playing along with the senators, allowing them to easily poke holes into Facebook. For years now there has been a rumbling on social media concerning censorship, particularly on one side almost exclusively. The company has been absent in any resemblance of transparency or customer satisfaction. Yet, the powers that be really didn’t pay any attention to this outrage in the past. Now that President Trump has been elected, all bets are off and the opportunity to further their control over the very people that elect them has to be broadened and legitimized.

Zuckerberg played along yesterday and was a very good puppet for the representatives that only care now that their power may be waning and their incumbency is no longer guaranteed. I am no fan of Facebook, but to allow our government to once again regulate a socialist media website, only furthers their grasp on our freedom of speech and expression. It also ensures Facebook’s future and solidifies them as a private company that along with government assistance will rule over all other social media sites currently and up and coming. Facebook grew up in the free market and their success is due to only the free market, we decide what we like and what we are willing to either fund or associate ourselves with. Facebook is pandering to our government, asking for regulation, they are so huge now that any regulation would be easily adapted for them. However; any new startup that wants to become a social media giant, will be crushed by any regulation that is aimed at controlling information access.

For Trump, against Trump, this shouldn’t sway your stance on all of our freedoms. If we will be silenced, then one day you may as well. If our messages can be monitored and controlled or regulated by lawmakers that enjoy employment via the election process. This is a scary thing once you put it in perspective. If we want them to decide what we are allowed to see, read, hear or speak about, then we are entering the dark ages again. Witchcraft, heresy, taking the Lord’s name in vain, hate speech, etc. etc. etc. All of these and more can be disputed as illegal depending on who is the presiding over the litigation process.

If we allow the government to control our freedom of speech and expression, only to aide our side to win next time. Then how long will it be until this is another freedom that we will be jailed for? The war on drugs, prohibition, civil rights, net neutrality, being suspected of being a communist sympathizer, our history is riddled with real examples of what happens to us when we demand that our government choose for us.

Be careful of what you wish for, one day you may receive what you have done to others! If you’re willing to post your information of your own volition in the public square, then why now do you want the government to intervene and control what you say and do, or do you just want to silence the “haters”? Hate goes both ways, ALWAYS! If you are free to hate them, then why can’t they hate you, I thought this was a free country. You can only be as free as you allow others to be free.

Us Versus Them

Why is it so outlandish to suggest that we still require the second amendment? Listening to the “talking heads” and their babble concerning ignorant Americans clinging to their guns, while in the same breath speaking about black men being targeted and women being oppressed. Well, if I have the idea that one day my rights could be infringed, then why can’t black people fear that one day they will once again be in chains and bondage? Why can’t women fear that their voices will be silenced and they will be forced back into the kitchen again? We all have fears, why is one more important than the other?

I think that if we all fear oppression in any form or fashion it would bring us closer together, ready to fight for our rights and the rights of others. Why do we allow them to pit us against one another, when they are the instigators and the beneficiaries? My rights are your rights, yours are mine. We require each other, lets fight the tax man, not each other. We must acknowledge the fears of others, if we ignore their fear, then why should they honor ours?

How Many Mulligans?

Assault weapons, super predators, background checks, etc. etc. etc.… When is enough, enough? After every tragedy hordes of people petition our government to tax us more, incarcerate more and slash our rights more. From the temperance movement to today, more and more are jumping on the bandwagon demanding that their rights start where ours end. It’s an asinine idea that we require less rights today than we had yesterday. With blatant incompetence at the local, state and federal level, all we hear is “we need to fix the system so this never happens again”. How many mulligans do we grant our government that we cannot grant ourselves? The Internal Revenue Service surely and rapidly assaults an audit upon all of us if there are any questions, try to call them for a follow-up or clarification, good luck!

It seems to me that these regulations and laws do nothing to protect us, the survivors, the ones who remain. If anything, they only continue to advance the trampling of our rights and our freedom as citizens. Is there any transparency anymore? Is there any follow-up or oversight that is actually conducted? Sure, they’ll conduct a soft investigation into a department or agency, but there is never anyone held accountable since they all retire or move on to another level of government where they will escape from sight and recourse for the time being.

Assault, super, checks, buzzwords that sound menacing or ensuring, but mere words that are designed to strike fear into our hearts while we hurriedly dial 911. Our government does not answer to us, they simply retire at the first sign of trouble and collect their pension from our taxes, it’s in their contract.

Our nation was constructed in such a fashion that the government was in servitude to its citizens. However; with decades of weaponized dry and boring speeches, they up until 2008 have flown under the radar. It is only in recent times that politics has become somewhat entertainment. More are inspired now, nevertheless; the government has grown to a point of national atrophy. The nation of citizens is weaker now while the government has intervened in almost every aspect of our lives. We need the motivated citizens to once again rise up and grapple the government back into submission. We need to once again gain superiority over our governors and legislators. If we fail to grasp control, we will lose it forever. We need to win it back now through leadership and stewardship.

Our government and its agencies are cunning and shrewd, they will delegitimize us if we continue to present them the opportunity.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The Complexity of Simple People

The idea that America has progressed to a point of kindness, enlightenment and peace is the denial of people being people. We dream whether sleeping or conscious. We ogle the opposite sex when they exude attractiveness that appeals to us. We dream about a bigger or nicer house, a fancy car, we desire to live debt free. All of these simple traits point out that in the freest society in the history of the world, that no matter how far we may think we have come, we are still humans that have desire in our hearts. The thought that we would not give into debauchery and depravity, allows our hubris to a point of danger. If you know that you could get away with something without ever getting caught or being prosecuted, would you do it? At first glance the answer is a resounding and deafening NO, but what if the scenario that you found yourself in was slightly altered? I think that answering no straight away is not an honest answer.

We constantly find ourselves “caught up in the moment” rash decisions are made and desperate action is taken, hoping to rectify whatever happened “in the moment”. We are so personal and selfish with our decisions and actions that after a while, we continue to exist in the moment. Only looking to escape whatever is harassing us in the moment. We do not plan and we rarely attempt to forecast the second and third order effects. We move from one moment to the next, hoping to get out before things get out of hand. One moment to the next, why in this “rat race” do we fool ourselves and perform some serious mental gymnastics into convincing one another that America will always be the lone candle light in the world?

Do we even realize where we are, and how truly good we have it? Nothing is ever perfect and life is never fair. How do we expect to maintain our neighborhood, if we can’t even speak openly and honestly with one another? Conviction is never popular, conviction is personal and if our convictions are based on merely skin-deep premises or popular culture, then are they real convictions? If a conviction is what you have, then you should be able to defend it based on the merits of your conviction. If convictions are based on anything else, then those convictions will never stand the test of time and they will be joked about in the future.

No matter our education level, social status or whatever else makes up your perceived identity, we have simple needs. We require nourishment, we require shelter, we require a belief in a higher power, we require companionship. These are the only staples that a society requires to exist, everything else is manufactured. Do we live and die on the manufactured ideologies and chase the unattainable, or do we realize that we are humans and as such sin and wrongdoing are the facts of life that we must learn to negotiate, avoid or overcome?

We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. If we accept hubris in place of reality then we and our country will become extinct. Does the world and the universe revolve around us, our wants and desires, or do we exist to raise our children to carry the torch forward based on our family core values and beliefs that enabled us to live this long?

Black, white, yellow and brown, we are all born into this world naked with nothing and we will leave this world in the same fashion. If we are only the color of our skin, the God we pray to or the political party we chose to affiliate ourselves with then we will continue to be those labels that we allow others to place upon us and that we place upon ourselves. Are we men, are we women, individuals with our own needs wants and desires, or are we only what is seen at a simple glance?

Answer for yourself, if you are unwilling to listen to those whom you despise, why should they listen to you? Hate is decided on whatever side you are on, it goes both ways, the same is true of rights.

Ratings, Scheduled Scale and Access

Burning books, to censuring music and controlling the inebriation of the Public. The overreach of government when it comes to drugs and who can use them. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) controls the ratings of all visual art and entertainment, they conclude who is allowed to watch what. The Nazis infamously burned books to control the flow of information that the public had access to in Nazi Germany. Nudity and violence, we are constantly shielded from ourselves, all under the guise of protection. We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be, we have become lazy and complacent. We are herded along, on our way to work or into any establishment that purveys in acceptable entertainment.

The ability to move freely and exercise our rights is being chipped away, all excused if to save only one. If safety is prized over all, then the state should be in charge of that as well. Why else would we elect leaders, but to be our saviors from all that causes harm and depression. Gambling and prostitution, narcotics and heavy metal, video games and rap. All behind a protective blind, so innocent children will be delayed from the realities in life. Parents protect their children, not the state or the regulators. Mothers and fathers, staying together through thick and thin. If man and woman cannot be expected to maintain their union, then why shouldn’t their offspring look to their governor for direction?

Our children are being harvested as tools of propaganda. We no longer raise our own, so why wouldn’t the family unit fall apart? Vices are all around us, the only medicine that wards off bad behavior is instilling core values and beliefs, not popular culture. If you teach your children right from wrong, then the rest will work itself out. The problem arises when the state dictates what is right and what is wrong, then the hordes of the social pages will force you to clap and cheer when the latest celebrity conceives the next heir.

The ability of ambiguous details, features and intent are being used against us in an effort to impede our knowledge, understanding and the individual right to decide.

Safety in Numbers

The collective feels that they have safety in numbers. Whether traveling or demonstrating, the mob mentality has taken over and madness is ensuing. The resistance has become fashionable to the tasteless. The mindless chanting merely begs to be restrained, we over I appears to be what is desired most. We over I, allows the smallest factor of society to become obsolete and forgotten. A single person’s inherent and God given right is sacrificed for the opportunity of, anything. The collective herd or a herd of sheep, bleating is a synchronized simplistic beat. Each person in the crowd is forgotten, all that is seen is a sea of idiots, all requesting that their rights be curtailed, and that freebies are handed out later. Free stuff in exchange for our freedom.

The far left and the far right, equal perpetrators in the assault on America and the individualistic ideology of America. Power to the individual over the people. If a decision is to be made, it is the individual’s right, not the mob’s obligation. Whether arms, healthcare, college, etc. etc. etc. It is the individual’s right to pursue their dreams. If dreams become reality, they are no longer dreams, the extreme push to the left and the right are the same, the state over the individual. Safety and freebies, instead of the individual exercising their desire to “help”, the audience hisses in harmony, until the ticket master shakes you down to ensure you’re not smuggling outside food into the show. We hope you brought enough for everyone!

Be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it.

Without a Full Time, Job, how do You Expect to Keep Up With” The Jones’s”?

The average school year is about 180 days. The average day of school typically lasts about 6 ½ hours. Summer vacation usually lasts between 2-3 months. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, there is about two to three weeks off. No overtime, no weekends, no federal holidays, summers off, seems like being a teacher is where it is at. Yet we always hear about how our teachers are so drastically underpaid. I would think that most people would gladly pay someone to have the same hours as teachers do. Then there are the benefits of attaining tenure, where it is almost impossible to fire a teacher. What in the hell are these people whining about? They want to decorate their classroom, that’s their decision, why should we pay more taxes for interior decorations? They want to make learning fun, hey news flash, life isn’t always fun.

Too bad these teachers don’t know how to make their money work, maybe that is a sign of an irresponsible person who cannot budget or make smart decisions. Maybe teachers these days are dumb. Yet, we are ticketed if we do not allow our children to attend public school. Too bad no teachers went on strike when I was a kid, I would have enjoyed the time off. Seems like we are made to open our wallets while a gun is to our back, to fork over more of OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY, to them, the teachers. Yet, these teachers can’t teach, without the latest technology, or whatever else they saw on television last night. Teachers and their unions are worse than the mafia, and they are state and federally funded.

What’s funny is you never hear about teachers from private or charter schools pulling this kind of crap on the taxpayers, because they aren’t paid with taxpayer money. But then again, those kids seem to learn faster and have better acceptance rates to higher education opportunities. In private and charter schools it is much easier for teachers and faculty to be fired. The answer seems like it’s right in front of us, but then again, what does everyone say “what about the children”. Again, using kids as human shields against their own incompetence. Regular people look for work elsewhere if what they are currently doing isn’t paying enough. Why don’t these teachers just apply somewhere else or maybe go back to school to learn a new trade? But then again, if they do that than they would actually have to work.