Without a Full Time, Job, how do You Expect to Keep Up With” The Jones’s”?

The average school year is about 180 days. The average day of school typically lasts about 6 ½ hours. Summer vacation usually lasts between 2-3 months. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, there is about two to three weeks off. No overtime, no weekends, no federal holidays, summers off, seems like being a teacher is where it is at. Yet we always hear about how our teachers are so drastically underpaid. I would think that most people would gladly pay someone to have the same hours as teachers do. Then there are the benefits of attaining tenure, where it is almost impossible to fire a teacher. What in the hell are these people whining about? They want to decorate their classroom, that’s their decision, why should we pay more taxes for interior decorations? They want to make learning fun, hey news flash, life isn’t always fun.

Too bad these teachers don’t know how to make their money work, maybe that is a sign of an irresponsible person who cannot budget or make smart decisions. Maybe teachers these days are dumb. Yet, we are ticketed if we do not allow our children to attend public school. Too bad no teachers went on strike when I was a kid, I would have enjoyed the time off. Seems like we are made to open our wallets while a gun is to our back, to fork over more of OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY, to them, the teachers. Yet, these teachers can’t teach, without the latest technology, or whatever else they saw on television last night. Teachers and their unions are worse than the mafia, and they are state and federally funded.

What’s funny is you never hear about teachers from private or charter schools pulling this kind of crap on the taxpayers, because they aren’t paid with taxpayer money. But then again, those kids seem to learn faster and have better acceptance rates to higher education opportunities. In private and charter schools it is much easier for teachers and faculty to be fired. The answer seems like it’s right in front of us, but then again, what does everyone say “what about the children”. Again, using kids as human shields against their own incompetence. Regular people look for work elsewhere if what they are currently doing isn’t paying enough. Why don’t these teachers just apply somewhere else or maybe go back to school to learn a new trade? But then again, if they do that than they would actually have to work.

2 thoughts on “Without a Full Time, Job, how do You Expect to Keep Up With” The Jones’s”?

  1. Karen James

    The big difference is funding. Public schools are taxpayer funded…they receive pennies compared to private and charter schools that charge parents upwards of 6,000 per student. It really is comparing apples to oranges at that point.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate your point of view on the matter. I know that we may disagree, but your candor and responsibility on the matter is very refreshing. The fact that you put your money where your mouth is, is very refreshing in this current climate. I also like the fact that you put others before yourself. Thank you for being a participating American, rather than expecting others to cover you. You go out of your way to provide and assist those less fortunate. I think if your proactive self awareness was shared by more, we wouldn’t find ourselves in these predicaments. Again, I appreciate your support and willingness to share your views.


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