Ratings, Scheduled Scale and Access

Burning books, to censuring music and controlling the inebriation of the Public. The overreach of government when it comes to drugs and who can use them. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) controls the ratings of all visual art and entertainment, they conclude who is allowed to watch what. The Nazis infamously burned books to control the flow of information that the public had access to in Nazi Germany. Nudity and violence, we are constantly shielded from ourselves, all under the guise of protection. We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be, we have become lazy and complacent. We are herded along, on our way to work or into any establishment that purveys in acceptable entertainment.

The ability to move freely and exercise our rights is being chipped away, all excused if to save only one. If safety is prized over all, then the state should be in charge of that as well. Why else would we elect leaders, but to be our saviors from all that causes harm and depression. Gambling and prostitution, narcotics and heavy metal, video games and rap. All behind a protective blind, so innocent children will be delayed from the realities in life. Parents protect their children, not the state or the regulators. Mothers and fathers, staying together through thick and thin. If man and woman cannot be expected to maintain their union, then why shouldn’t their offspring look to their governor for direction?

Our children are being harvested as tools of propaganda. We no longer raise our own, so why wouldn’t the family unit fall apart? Vices are all around us, the only medicine that wards off bad behavior is instilling core values and beliefs, not popular culture. If you teach your children right from wrong, then the rest will work itself out. The problem arises when the state dictates what is right and what is wrong, then the hordes of the social pages will force you to clap and cheer when the latest celebrity conceives the next heir.

The ability of ambiguous details, features and intent are being used against us in an effort to impede our knowledge, understanding and the individual right to decide.

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