Safety in Numbers

The collective feels that they have safety in numbers. Whether traveling or demonstrating, the mob mentality has taken over and madness is ensuing. The resistance has become fashionable to the tasteless. The mindless chanting merely begs to be restrained, we over I appears to be what is desired most. We over I, allows the smallest factor of society to become obsolete and forgotten. A single person’s inherent and God given right is sacrificed for the opportunity of, anything. The collective herd or a herd of sheep, bleating is a synchronized simplistic beat. Each person in the crowd is forgotten, all that is seen is a sea of idiots, all requesting that their rights be curtailed, and that freebies are handed out later. Free stuff in exchange for our freedom.

The far left and the far right, equal perpetrators in the assault on America and the individualistic ideology of America. Power to the individual over the people. If a decision is to be made, it is the individual’s right, not the mob’s obligation. Whether arms, healthcare, college, etc. etc. etc. It is the individual’s right to pursue their dreams. If dreams become reality, they are no longer dreams, the extreme push to the left and the right are the same, the state over the individual. Safety and freebies, instead of the individual exercising their desire to “help”, the audience hisses in harmony, until the ticket master shakes you down to ensure you’re not smuggling outside food into the show. We hope you brought enough for everyone!

Be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it.

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