The Complexity of Simple People

The idea that America has progressed to a point of kindness, enlightenment and peace is the denial of people being people. We dream whether sleeping or conscious. We ogle the opposite sex when they exude attractiveness that appeals to us. We dream about a bigger or nicer house, a fancy car, we desire to live debt free. All of these simple traits point out that in the freest society in the history of the world, that no matter how far we may think we have come, we are still humans that have desire in our hearts. The thought that we would not give into debauchery and depravity, allows our hubris to a point of danger. If you know that you could get away with something without ever getting caught or being prosecuted, would you do it? At first glance the answer is a resounding and deafening NO, but what if the scenario that you found yourself in was slightly altered? I think that answering no straight away is not an honest answer.

We constantly find ourselves “caught up in the moment” rash decisions are made and desperate action is taken, hoping to rectify whatever happened “in the moment”. We are so personal and selfish with our decisions and actions that after a while, we continue to exist in the moment. Only looking to escape whatever is harassing us in the moment. We do not plan and we rarely attempt to forecast the second and third order effects. We move from one moment to the next, hoping to get out before things get out of hand. One moment to the next, why in this “rat race” do we fool ourselves and perform some serious mental gymnastics into convincing one another that America will always be the lone candle light in the world?

Do we even realize where we are, and how truly good we have it? Nothing is ever perfect and life is never fair. How do we expect to maintain our neighborhood, if we can’t even speak openly and honestly with one another? Conviction is never popular, conviction is personal and if our convictions are based on merely skin-deep premises or popular culture, then are they real convictions? If a conviction is what you have, then you should be able to defend it based on the merits of your conviction. If convictions are based on anything else, then those convictions will never stand the test of time and they will be joked about in the future.

No matter our education level, social status or whatever else makes up your perceived identity, we have simple needs. We require nourishment, we require shelter, we require a belief in a higher power, we require companionship. These are the only staples that a society requires to exist, everything else is manufactured. Do we live and die on the manufactured ideologies and chase the unattainable, or do we realize that we are humans and as such sin and wrongdoing are the facts of life that we must learn to negotiate, avoid or overcome?

We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. If we accept hubris in place of reality then we and our country will become extinct. Does the world and the universe revolve around us, our wants and desires, or do we exist to raise our children to carry the torch forward based on our family core values and beliefs that enabled us to live this long?

Black, white, yellow and brown, we are all born into this world naked with nothing and we will leave this world in the same fashion. If we are only the color of our skin, the God we pray to or the political party we chose to affiliate ourselves with then we will continue to be those labels that we allow others to place upon us and that we place upon ourselves. Are we men, are we women, individuals with our own needs wants and desires, or are we only what is seen at a simple glance?

Answer for yourself, if you are unwilling to listen to those whom you despise, why should they listen to you? Hate is decided on whatever side you are on, it goes both ways, the same is true of rights.

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