Us Versus Them

Why is it so outlandish to suggest that we still require the second amendment? Listening to the “talking heads” and their babble concerning ignorant Americans clinging to their guns, while in the same breath speaking about black men being targeted and women being oppressed. Well, if I have the idea that one day my rights could be infringed, then why can’t black people fear that one day they will once again be in chains and bondage? Why can’t women fear that their voices will be silenced and they will be forced back into the kitchen again? We all have fears, why is one more important than the other?

I think that if we all fear oppression in any form or fashion it would bring us closer together, ready to fight for our rights and the rights of others. Why do we allow them to pit us against one another, when they are the instigators and the beneficiaries? My rights are your rights, yours are mine. We require each other, lets fight the tax man, not each other. We must acknowledge the fears of others, if we ignore their fear, then why should they honor ours?

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