The Facebook Psyop Partnership

Yesterday, 10 April 2018, we were all treated to some entertaining daytime television. The ratings that politics draw today, is very reassuring that more and more are becoming involved, regardless of anyone’s particular side, the more that participate the better. So, the Facebook founder and CEO was front and center playing along with the senators, allowing them to easily poke holes into Facebook. For years now there has been a rumbling on social media concerning censorship, particularly on one side almost exclusively. The company has been absent in any resemblance of transparency or customer satisfaction. Yet, the powers that be really didn’t pay any attention to this outrage in the past. Now that President Trump has been elected, all bets are off and the opportunity to further their control over the very people that elect them has to be broadened and legitimized.

Zuckerberg played along yesterday and was a very good puppet for the representatives that only care now that their power may be waning and their incumbency is no longer guaranteed. I am no fan of Facebook, but to allow our government to once again regulate a socialist media website, only furthers their grasp on our freedom of speech and expression. It also ensures Facebook’s future and solidifies them as a private company that along with government assistance will rule over all other social media sites currently and up and coming. Facebook grew up in the free market and their success is due to only the free market, we decide what we like and what we are willing to either fund or associate ourselves with. Facebook is pandering to our government, asking for regulation, they are so huge now that any regulation would be easily adapted for them. However; any new startup that wants to become a social media giant, will be crushed by any regulation that is aimed at controlling information access.

For Trump, against Trump, this shouldn’t sway your stance on all of our freedoms. If we will be silenced, then one day you may as well. If our messages can be monitored and controlled or regulated by lawmakers that enjoy employment via the election process. This is a scary thing once you put it in perspective. If we want them to decide what we are allowed to see, read, hear or speak about, then we are entering the dark ages again. Witchcraft, heresy, taking the Lord’s name in vain, hate speech, etc. etc. etc. All of these and more can be disputed as illegal depending on who is the presiding over the litigation process.

If we allow the government to control our freedom of speech and expression, only to aide our side to win next time. Then how long will it be until this is another freedom that we will be jailed for? The war on drugs, prohibition, civil rights, net neutrality, being suspected of being a communist sympathizer, our history is riddled with real examples of what happens to us when we demand that our government choose for us.

Be careful of what you wish for, one day you may receive what you have done to others! If you’re willing to post your information of your own volition in the public square, then why now do you want the government to intervene and control what you say and do, or do you just want to silence the “haters”? Hate goes both ways, ALWAYS! If you are free to hate them, then why can’t they hate you, I thought this was a free country. You can only be as free as you allow others to be free.

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