Silence is NOT Compliance

We are not welcome. Our opinions and our choices are not reflected or asked for. We are winning and it is because of that, we are continually silenced. Pol Pot (a Marxist-Leninist communist) notoriously killed and murdered his own citizens who were considered “intellectual”. He did this to control the people who remained. If your population cannot read, practice science or engage in philosophy, then they are easily controlled. Pol Pot silenced (murdered) anyone whom he viewed as a threat to his supremacy. The entire premise and ideology of the Khmer Rouge was to control the masses through ignorance and violence.

When you look at groups like Antifa, the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, Black Lives Matter, The Weather Underground and every other extremist group, the defining trend is that they want to wipe out everyone who defies them and they also desire to rewrite history. Our government has been rewriting history for decades, ever since the inception of the Department of Education. State run and funded re-education. The state controls the information and the tests. To pass the test, you must be able to regurgitate the misinformation that you have been force fed, once you pass the test, then you can go out into the world and recite what you were taught by the state.

These groups only survive off the backs, wallets and voices of imbeciles. They pit us against them, they define us as their sworn enemy, since we do not participate in their buffoonery. They can only exist on a plane of ignorance and childish outrage. Lately, more and more schools (including post-secondary education) are buying into this ideology and extremist outlook to whomever disagrees with them. The trend of the emotional age varies greatly from the physical age. These troglodytes are so threatened by our simple and direct dialogue, that they scream and shriek, always attempting to silence us. The majority of these domestic disturbers claim intelligence, since the state provided them a diploma for their wall, to signify their ability to digest propaganda and willfully participate and accept forever loans for their re-education. Our silence is not compliance.

Pol Pot is their model. They view us as standing in the way of their progress towards dominance. They want us exterminated and cast out. Their greatest fear, is that they will never recoup their credit. Money, it’s always been about money and it will always be about money. If we can forgive their loans, then their outrage will quell, or so they say. Do not give into their tantrums, continue to speak and communicate freely, if we stop, then we will be silenced.

The First Amendment is more powerful and devastating than the Second Amendment. The ability to inspire others to execute your will and desire compounds the mass effects of simple criminality are far greater than the maximum effective range of any round. We need words now more than ever, dialogue and grammar, written and spoken. This is how we win and come together once again as a nation.

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