Forever Young

The major difference between adults and children is that adults do adult things like fix problems, whereas children merely complain about their personal problems. Children need adults to fix problems for them. The “American Dream” has been transformed from having the independence and rights to take control of your own life, into everybody “deserves” their own dream. The word and ideology of “deserves” has a certain connotation that is often translated as a right, not an opportunity. After a lifetime of being told that we can be whatever we want and hearing that we “deserve” happiness, the lazy American wants in one hand and wishes in the other. Basic human needs have been methodically replaced with nothing but wants and desires. We think that we need so much now, that it is easy to point the finger at those who do have, while we do not have.

We work now more than ever, but why? From my perspective our society has become entitled. We no longer live within our means, because we all long for a montage that requires little work or discipline, but ultimately is returned with ever long happiness and fulfillment. Again, from my perspective, it seems that we are more than happy to mortgage everything in our lives, for what everyone else has. We all want to “Keep up with the Jones’s”, without any real collateral, except for the credit that we willingly and happily sign for. We put ourselves in a perpetual state of debt to such an extent that if anything goes wrong, the ripple effect is catastrophic on what we have come to expect from leading a “successful life”.

So, when it comes to politics, it is too easy for the politicians to point their finger at our “bad guy”. Whether its education loans, healthcare, firearms, etc. etc. etc. We allow these crooks to pretend like they look out for us, but it is as simple as one hand washes the other. Why after decades of championing any politician that says they will fix our wrongs do we allow ourselves, friends and neighbors to continue to fall for this sham. We did it to ourselves. “Intellectuals” since the beginning of time have always looked to other nations and societies to point out how they do it “right”, or how they are so much better than us because of “whatever”.

We cannot see the forest from the trees, we always think that somebody else has it better. We do not appreciate what we already have, we always want more and more and more. We chase our own selfish dreams at the cost of the ones whom we love, because “we can be anything that we want to be”. If we cannot fix our own problems, what makes us think that someone else can. I think that problems are great for business and politics. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, if there are no manufactured problems, then these politicians would have nothing to run on. Do we really think that our problems are everyone else’s problems? Are we at our core truly that selfish and that self-involved? Do we really need more “adults” in our lives, micromanaging us and telling us not to worry, everything will be alright as long as they win?

Everybody has problems, the difference is, that some take care of themselves while the majority expect room service at motel rates. At the end of the day, you always pay for what you get. Most good comes at a premium, if you’re not willing to pay for what you want, then you will always feel sorry for yourself. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have near the technology that we do, for some reason they were able to make it work for them in their situations. Why can’t we? Give up this toxic ideology of remaining forever young, we all age and we all have our circumstances. Be adult enough to work for what you want and exercise constant expectation management. If we all grow up to be children, what are we teaching our children?

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