The Perceived Racial Bias of Starbucks

The recent events at Starbucks have everyone all spun up over the excuse that is being force-fed, racism. I cannot prove this theory outright, but a closer look would reveal that it was a woman, a female manager at that specific store that called 911 to report the two gentlemen. I think that this racism thing is just being spun to protect something or someone. I haven’t seen any pictures or names of this so-called manager. Usually in these cases, the person is known immediately. So, without knowing all of the players, we now all want to suddenly boycott Starbucks?

My inclination is that whenever a female calls the police on a male, the male’s chances of being arrested (even if no crime was committed) are so dang high, that the police were merely exercising muscle memory. In this climate of victimhood, the female always wins, the man will almost assuredly always be put in handcuffs or restrained. This case has more to do with women abusing law enforcement and causing real harm to men, than it does with any type of racist inclination.

Starbucks isn’t racist. The female manager that knew how to play the damsel in destress was the real perpetrator. Yet, where is her picture or name? She is referred to only as the female manager.

Maybe I am wrong, but this is what I think really happened. Starbucks won’t allow any woman to be slandered whether true or not, however; it’s open season on men.

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