It has been said, “if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything”. Conviction, responsibility and the ever-long desire to escape reality. We all long for the time when peace, silence and normalcy will enter our lives, a time when we can reap the fruits of a lifetime of labor. In the meantime, we seem preoccupied with fixing everything and everyone around us, so much so that we often project our own worst traits onto others. We make assumptions and judgements based on soundbites and Facebook polls. The occasional Cosmopolitan magazine test or survey used to be fun to share with loved ones and friends, but it was simple, pen and paper, no connection required.

Everything is so personal now that it is easy to prosecute our own neighbors on the smallest decisions. The ideology of you are either with us or against us has taken over, EVERYWHERE, all over the developed world. So, with so many adrift in the sea of social and responsible change, there may be a chance that their homes are a disaster while they force us to recycle.

These nihilists strive to divide and destroy, all in the name of acceptance. Why is acceptance so widely desired? For a generation of self-proclaimed unique people, mediocracy is championed and diversity is simply compliance. The acceptance of others, begins first with the acceptance of oneself. When someone constantly spits venom at those they may disagree with, how can they demand acceptance from others? Instead of becoming a momentary trendsetter, why not take care of what will truly matters now and in the future, your family. But, alas, the traditional nuclear family has been slowly dismantled by generations of materialistic greed and a criminal dependency on others to provide for us.

A lifetime of looking for a purpose has robbed us of our time together. The love and acceptance of a family can make up for a lifetime of perceived losses. Technology is constantly updating, government will always be there to steal and assault us, the environment has survived since the beginning of time without any real intervention, all of these remainders will never change, we adapt to them, unfortunate but true. We can only attempt to control ourselves and love those with whom we share blood. Realize that the self-inflicted malicious attack you take personally for the sins of others, is not yours to answer come judgement. Sin is sin, accept others for who they are, however; choose your company wisely.

The world will keep on turning regardless of whether or not you get out of bed today, you are not that important, practically invisible from the stratosphere looking down. Quit holding your head so high while your children are still small, appreciate what you already have. Allow others to do the same, by granting them the same freedom you desire for yourself. Accept yourself and those around you before you demand acceptance from others. Humility goes a long way.

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