Guns, Bombs, Knives and Abortions

What is it about modern popular culture that focuses on the smallest percentage and decides that it needs to be banned. From malpractice death, to bombings, from knife bans to abortions. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Abortions are people killing people. Doctors, dentists and surgeons kill more people every year than almost every other profession. A bomb killed 48 people in Iraq this weekend, one bomb. Not an AR and not an AK, a person who hated a select group of people assembled a bomb, planted it and then detonated it. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is demanding a knife ban and he has promised that anyone caught with a knife will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In America, switchblades and balisong (butterfly) knives are already outlawed, to include collapsible batons and other blunt force objects that people carry everyday to defend themselves. The police are issued collapsible batons, why are we barred from carrying them as well?

Proper identification is already required in the U.S. to purchase certain materials and chemicals, those that can possibly be assembled into an explosive. Why does everyone think that we can legislate and regulate human behavior? People have been killing other people since the beginning of time. Laws and enforcement have never stopped murder, they merely conduct an investigation after the crime was already committed, to assign motive and means. People texting or under the influence or both while driving and walking have caused far more death and mutilation than any gun has. Without a trigger puller a gun is inoperable.

The clamor that abounds is directed at the inanimate object, rather than the perpetrator. Lay down your arms and demolish your defenses, but what about all of the bullies and last I heard there is a rape culture in America. I would think that the last thing any sane person would comply with, would be to give up their independence and life. If cops are targeting blacks, maybe they should arm themselves. If all men are rapists in waiting, then women should arm themselves. If gays and other queers are worried about being targeted for hate, then why wouldn’t they arm themselves. With all of the perceived threats coming out of Trump’s mouth, aimed at reporters and entertainers, I would think that they would want more guns to defend themselves with.

Why in this era of hubris, false enlightenment and scholastic intellectuals, do we think that violence doesn’t happen to good people? The rich and powerful can afford top tier security. The elites are protected by depths of protection and experienced gun slingers. Who are they to tell us what we need and don’t need? If you do not like guns and do not have any, I can respect that. But do not judge me since I do not persecute you for living your own life.

Once firearms are banned, then knives will follow and so on and so on. Arms are currently guaranteed by the Second Amendment, automobiles are not. The ever-growing list of prohibited persons will one day swallow everyone up in its path. So, go ahead, drink your alcohol, smoke your weed, and allow the furtherance of tyranny, since your selfish FEELINGS dictate what others can and cannot do. One day you may wake up to a country and society being locked up for breaking curfew. Breeds of dogs are currently banned in cities worldwide. Bans don’t protect, armed citizens do.

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