Quantity Over Quality

What is it about money that drives people over the top when it comes to quantity over quality. Compensation is usually derived from experience, tenure and resilience. Equal pay for equal work is not an honest equation. Equal work denotes, equal experience, equal knowledge and equal time on the job. But who decides what equates to equal? In this era of victimhood and desired socialism, what is truly sought after? Pay is personal and requires negotiation, there is no need to publish pay rates for any institution or private entity. When personal matters become public record for the greed of the inexperienced, where will it stop? The constant idea of the wicked are those that have while those that feel that they do not have are entitled, where does it end?

Does tenure and resilience mean anything anymore? The investment a person devotes to any singular profession, usually signifies loyalty to their craft. The higher the craft, the more compensation is justified. When the gap between novice and expert is erased in the false name of fairness, then money may be gained by the whiners, but the institution will assuredly falter before long. When the institution becomes extinct, where will the novices apply next, and what will their demands be?

When will enough be enough? Once their demands are met, it will only be a matter of time until new demands will be devised. Do not deal with economic terrorists, wants are not needs.

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