The Kanye Phenomenon

From KKK white, to Nazi brown, Antifa black to Arizona red, Democrat blue to Republican red; all of these “revolutions” work on either the willfully ignorant or the truly and profoundly idiotic. The Korean Peninsula being somewhat unified for now and Russia is being crippled and delegitimized like never before. Employment is continuing to rise; the dollar is regaining its dominance in the world. The European Union is creeping towards extinction, perhaps socialism, groupthink and legislated inclusion are how societies are erased from existence. Kanye West is causing static on both the left and the right, whether you like or dislike him is completely irrelevant. What I think he is expressing is allegiance to oneself, not any group or singular ideology.

All it took for the titanic to go down was colliding with an iceberg. We are all boarding what we may think is the right side of history, aligning ourselves with the identity of others, rather than taking care of our own personal responsibilities. If we group together on the flimsy stances of one sided politics, then we will easily be toppled. Why are we criminalized and committed to the idea of mental instability when we simply communicate what is in fact true? Is any one side completely right or vice versa completely wrong? The merits have been lost to skin color and immaturity. The idea that racism needs to be wiped out as well as hunger and illiteracy is the same eugenics that promotes abortion in predominantly black and lower income communities.

The furtherance of political correctness and choosing the winner based on sex, color, religion and whom they choose to share their bed with, promotes a new supreme race. No one cares who you desire to sleep with just as no one cares whether or not your power bill is paid. In America we choose our own individual paths, if you choose wrong, then that’s on you, not us. The legitimization of sodomy, constant inebriation and the false perception of we love while they hate is simply a forced illusion, which allows the user to hide from responsibility.

Forcing people to act as cattle causes more catastrophic damage to everyone than simply allowing people to be people. You don’t have to like or love anyone. Its everyone’s choice. Kanye spoke about independent thought as an independent person. It’s a simple idea for these simple times. With everyone on both the left and the right clamoring at Kanye’s tweets only solidifies and proves Kanye correct. If you’re on the right then you are championing him now and on the left they are calling him insane.

Individuals speaking as independent thinkers. The fact that we pay taxes is the singular point why we have a seat at the table and why no idea or comment is off limits to us. Promoting education or experience over the tax payer and their opinion or voice is how the Third Reich came into power. The American tax payer is the strongest person in the room, once the tax payer is gone and their voice is silent, we will all lose! The history of the world has time and time again shown the resilience of the human spirit, stifle the human spirit for now and one day you will pay.

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