Who Cares About Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?

Who cares about Sarah Huckabee-Sanders? Why is this even being discussed? Do we assume that she was the victim in this whole White House Correspondence Dinner debauchery? Anyone who is in public service should be able to get a “bloody nose” from time to time without different sides running to their defense immediately. What is it about tribalism or identity politics that causes us to propel these human beings to statures that they clearly do not adhere to? Since when has anyone in politics or public service been transformed into living martyrs that are beyond reproach and are considered modern-day saints? Obama is constantly hailed as a great president and man, why, what has he ever personally done for you or me to align ourselves with him one hundred percent without question or falter? Apparently, we are a very simple people with singular issues that can easily be attached to one side over the other, without any real regard for resolution.

Anyone in public service should and needs to be able to deal with constant adversity, no matter how high or low. This is how sides are chosen over real problems and solutions. I like Sarah, I think that she is very good at what she does. But is she off limits? If so then who else has been off limits and who else will be off limits in the future? Do not allow your personal feelings and emotions to dictate who can ask what and what can and cannot be asked of anyone, that’s how we ended up here. The more we drag our elected representatives and their staff through the mud, the better off we all will be. The more scrutiny that we place on them, the less apt they will be to continue to run us into the ground.

The attacks on her, were attacks on her and the current administration, if we outlaw that, then our scrutiny will be outlawed next time. Your feelings on the matter do not matter. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into this false idea of victimhood. Bullying happens, let it happen, it builds character and iron will. Train yourself and your children to deal with bullies, if all the bullies are suddenly silenced, then who will the new bullies be?

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