Zebra Stripes

I have heard the reason why zebras have stripes is because they are a herd animal. The mass of stripes, especially when running, proves to be too confusing for the lions to focus on one zebra. The lion attacks the herd and must weed out one weak zebra to feast on. The purpose of the herd, is that the herd must survive, once one zebra falls out of formation, the herd continues to run and leave the lone zebra to attempt evasion from the loins and a hopeful return to the herd. Most times, the zebra is eaten alive by the lions. The zebras will leave their friends and family behind, if they can’t keep up, or if they step out of line. One wrong step and they are forever cut from the herd. The herd must survive, regardless of how many baby zebras are eaten by predators. The herd must survive, not a single zebra is worth saving in the eyes of the herd.

Are you a herd animal?

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