Who Are These Teachers?

The ideology behind teaching children as teachers has been willfully twisted towards a leftist agenda. Teachers today act as if they are the adopted parents that must train the children in their classroom to constantly seek out the personal approval of that teacher. Instead of simply sticking to the staples of education: mathematics, history, English, geography, science, art and music; today teaching is more concerned with social change than educating free thinkers. From teachers appreciation week to school supplies, less education is enforced while reeducation is reinforced at every opportunity. Teaching is one of the few tax funded programs that has no oversight, transparency or punishment for those who endanger their students. The racket of the teaching profession is that at every opportunity they hold our children at ransom, constantly demanding more money and latitude for services not needed or requested.

The passive aggressive method of teaching is reaching a tipping point. We either shut down the teachers unions or we give in as we always have. Their gain is our loss. Their gain is our children’s loss. The willful malpractice that teaching has become, only slanders those few teachers who actually do care and work hard. The teachers unions have stolen the individual identity of great teachers and sullied the entire reputation of the teaching profession. As long as the bad ones are rewarded alongside the good ones, there will be no distinction, they will all simply be a mass of protestors. The uniformity that they adopt only protects the teachers that refuse their professional responsibility.

Teachers teach, parents raise. When this model is lopsided to a point where the responsibility is totally transferred to the teachers and enforced with laws and regulation, we will end. Again, why are they only worried about the children who escaped or survived abortion, when they champion the choice to murder babies?

If any of these teachers are individuals, why do they participate en masse?

Just a thought, answer for yourself.

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