The Absolute Power of Humility and Gratitude

The absolute power that comes with exercising humility and gratitude is a sense of freedom that brings peace and perspective. The humility to know and understand where you came from and that you were taught many lessons along the way. Gratitude, to be thankful for what you do have and knowing that what you have can be gone in an instant. Hubris and pride are the downfall of every single person. Why do we allow ourselves to become so self-involved that it is easier to forget where we started, that when we see others, we tell ourselves that they are a waste of time? As I have stated many times before, we were all born naked with nothing and we leave this world in the same fashion. The Egyptians used to bury their Pharaohs with the riches that they had accumulated throughout their lives. The Vikings would load a boat with their dead king and his riches and living servants before they set it ablaze. There are many more examples of these types of ceremonies throughout history, the final farewell of the dead with currency and comforts to take forward to the next life. Yet to this day, we are still collecting the sunken and buried treasures that those kings and queens were supposed to take to their afterlife.

We arrive with nothing, we are nurtured and raised. When our time comes, there is nothing that will stop it or prolong our lives. With all of the division and hatred that is so easily tossed to the other side, it makes me wonder, if it’s the other side that hates, then why do we hate as well? Hate, it seems to me is the only emotion that is equally shared on all sides. Love is constantly spoken about but rarely ever practiced. Love is never equal, hate is.

Selfishness and self-involvement is the answer for any division. Gratitude and humility being practiced by all on every side is the only remedy for division. Life happens and there are going to be obstacles to overcome, but if you can attempt gratitude and humility, then there is a chance that you may also experience a sense of a peaceful perspective. We all desire, but our desires do not have to be the failure of others, they can be our own desires.

Humility and gratitude, try it out, I promise you will be surprised at the level of satisfaction that you will find yourself at. It’s nothing more than please and thank you.

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