Taxes and Citizenship Trump Perceived Education and Weaponized Facts

No taxation without representation. This simple statement is the backbone of the American citizen. Too often we are told that we do not know enough to make an “informed” decision, or that we need to brush up on our facts. The truth is, no matter your education level or whether or not you have personally studied any matter that is up for debate, is that the simple fact that you are an American citizen and that you pay taxes. Why are we constantly assaulted with one sided opinions or “facts” and when we decide, we are then lectured on why we are wrong, why because apparently, we do not know enough? We pay taxes and we are American citizens, that is all we need to decide anything.

The war to conquer America is practically in full swing. They are telling us that our vote is criminal, they are litigating to suppress and slash our rights, they are constantly bringing in “experts” to tell us how to think. Our voice is ours and ours alone. Do not allow these criminal enterprises to dictate to us on how we should vote or why we should give up any of our rights. Our rights are our rights, to wield against them. They have chosen their platforms and they surround themselves with smiling faces and audience emulating machines. From social media to propaganda television and radio shows, their assault on our birthright, citizenship status and our taxes pay their salaries. Why are they considered the “experts” in anything other than manipulation? Regardless of your stance, the fact that you are an American citizen and that you do pay taxes is reason enough to vote the way you choose to vote. Every single American citizen’s opinion matters, our vote counts, no matter what anyone tells you.

The less we speak and vote, the more powerful they continue to grow. If we comply with their demands, we will lose. We have already lost too much, why do we allow them to gain at our loss? The new prince has been born and a princess is about to be wed, why do we care so much about celebrity news?

Don’t forget wear your Sunday best while you watch the royal wedding from your living room, they’re not going to invite you, you are fodder for them. Instead have a cup of coffee and revel in the fact that you are a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the world.

Stand by your choices, make them daily and regularly.

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