If Racism is Outlawed, Where Will All of the Racists Go?

Racism, it’s a powerful word and label that scares many people. Racism is construed as hate, and many profess to hate racism. Hate, goes both ways, people are people no matter where or when. The confederate flag is now a symbol of hate, at least in the mainstream it is. White pride, black pride, gay pride, Mexican pride, etc. all of these are loved and cherished with the people that align themselves with each herd. Why is only white pride looked down upon? If the Confederate Battle Flag is feared and hated by people, can’t other people hate and fear the Rainbow Flag? Being a strong black man is looked upon with pride, why can’t the same pride be shared for a strong white man?  When a woman acts stubborn, she is praised, when a man acts stubborn, he is labeled a bully. It would seem that anti-bullying campaigns only bully with assistance from tax payer dollars.

If love and respect is not shared on all sides, then hate will still thrive. Just because people are labeled as racist, they still have to survive somehow. Erasing human emotions, beliefs and values only erases those humans, some call it a crusade, others call it mass murder. The perceived gain or loss depends on which side you choose, hopefully you’ve chosen correctly. But then again, why do any of us have to choose any side, why can’t we just worry about ourselves? If being a racist is truly horrible, then wouldn’t those apparent racists come to regret their decisions eventually? If the Southern Poverty Law Center labels both individuals and groups as racist and hate, then those same individuals and groups cannot receive assistance or the same luxuries that the rest of us enjoy, isn’t that bullying, even though they pay taxes?

If we continue to allow the “professionals” to mediate, moderate and legislate us and them, at what point do our laws become ours again? If these laws and regulations are truly ours, then we should be able to enforce and use them, as they are ours, right? Racism, it’s just another ism, in an attempt to convince us that we are the victims. Instead of demanding our rights back, we are too worried about curtailing the rights of others. Funny how the circle of life works, right? The more we label others as racist, eventually we will be labeled as racist and we will be forced to live how we forced those whom we’ve persecuted before us.

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