Would You Kill Baby Hitler?

Knowing what you know about Adolph Hitler today, would you kill him as a baby, possibly preventing the holocaust, WWII and the many other atrocities that are blamed on the existence and actions of Hitler? If you were living back when he was born, and for some fantastic reason, you knew the future of the world, would you do it? If you were to kill baby Hitler, you would possibly be labeled a psychopath. Since killing a baby that hasn’t done anything yet, only a psychopath would do something that twisted and that disgusting. If you did kill baby Hitler, no one would believe that you possibly saved millions of lives in the process. No one would know what you know. You would be completely and utterly alone. If you were found out, you would probably be imprisoned for the rest of our life, raped and beaten until your death, all for saving millions of lives. Honestly, is there anyone of us, that can truly make that commitment, throwing ourselves on our sword, even though no one will ever believe you?

Hindsight is 20-20, we don’t know until we know, it’s as simple as that. The fact of the matter is people die in the process. But people do die, all the time. We cannot control life just as we cannot control death. People control, both attempted and fulfilled, is how all of these atrocities throughout history happen. It’s easy to look back and choose what you would have done different, always hoping for a better situation than what you are currently in. But why aren’t people adult enough to deal with their situation at hand, it’s always someone else’s fault, right? That’s what Hitler did with “Mein Kampf”, he blamed all of Germany’s problems on the Jews. How is anything we do different? We blame the right, we blame the left. Bush was racist, Obama was a race baiter, Trump is racist, maybe these accusations are true and maybe they are false, the bottom line is they do nothing for us. All they do is allow us to choose their sides, instead for our own side, our individual selves.

The more we look to correct history, the farther we will be from creating our own destiny. The past is the past, we all have been wronged, and all of our ancestors had it worse. Pretending that you are constantly attempting to be on the right side of history, only allows and furthers the same goal that Adolph Hitler laid out. Sure, you might not be attempting to create a super race, but the outcome is the same, some must pay with their lives and their rights, so the ones you have chosen can be placed on a pedestal.

Instead of fantasizing about what could have been, be satisfied with what you have right now. Be responsible for yourself and only yourself, your reputation is all you have at the end of the day. Any attempt at people control, always has the same outcome, death, mutilation, rape and sodomy. We are all human, we are all fallible and corrupt, sin is sin. If you only answer to yourself and you are always true to yourself, no one else will bother you. Popular culture, as history has taught us, is no true indicator of right versus wrong. What makes us think now is any different?

In the Absence of Hitler’s evil, what other evil will replace it?

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