Questions for Elected Representatives

Anyone running for elected office must realize and come to the realization, that if they do win the seat that they are competing for, their personal lives end and they are now our indentured public servants. Too often they only mingle with us during their campaign, even then the time that they spend with us is very limited. I believe that the duty of any elected official is to be at the behest of their constituents, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. I expect my calls and correspondence replied to in a timely fashion, let’s say 96 hours, that’s plenty of time to get answers from our public servants. Holidays weekends and vacations do not apply to elected officials, they work for us and there is plenty of fixing to do. Their families are their second priority, we are now their first priority, we matter more and we want action. I don’t want to see read or hear about their exercise regime. I do not want to see any celebrity endorsements and I want, in writing, everything they will support and oppose. If they change their mind during their time in office, I want them to relinquish their seat to the runner up, within 24 hours. I expect they will do their own laundry, their own dry cleaning and they will drive themselves everywhere in their own vehicle, paying for their own gas and every single travel expense out of their own pocket, with absolutely zero reimbursement. If public service is truly their calling and their passion, then they should have zero issues with these standards.

Below are some of the questions that I would ask them, I would expect straight and immediate answers:

  1. What is your direct/personal phone number?
  2. What is your personal email?
  3. Since I do not leave messages with secretaries, assistants or anyone else, how many rings can I expect before you will answer?
  4. How long do you plan to serve in office?
  5. What will you do once your time is up? (I would expect they would work a job like the rest of us, not consulting and zero paid speeches)
  6. Are guns allowed to be carried at your functions, office and basically everywhere you are, loaded?
  7. How much will you actually work, not your staff or interns, but you, yourself, what are your hours?
  8. As you can tell, access, transparency and consequence are very important to me, how can I exercise this upon you, daily?
  9. Please, don’t waste my time telling me about your family. (I acknowledge this is a statement and not a question)
  10. For someone seeking public office, how often should I expect to see you around your constituents?

I know there are plenty of other questions, but I would think that this would be a good start.

Lastly, one final question, who cleans your office and takes out your trash?

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