Programing Children

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is yet another example of feminism destroying the mentorship and leadership program that trains boys to grow into men. The old adage that all the good men are taken, has been said over and over again ever since the sexual and cultural revolution of the 1960s. These “women” are constantly complaining about all of the boy’s and men’s clubs that are apparently closed to girls and women. The feminist mantra is to not only break the “glass ceiling” but to eradicate and destroy men everywhere. Misery loves company and feminists; liberals and leftists everywhere are very miserable. In their mind, they must subjugate everyone in their path, so they can place their personal burden of loathing, hate and self-destruction on the rest of us, since they are too weak to care for themselves. They hate their families and they despise liberty.

The first downfall of the Boy Scouts was when they allowed openly gay men to serve as leaders and Cubmasters. Homosexuality has existed in humanity since the beginning of time, however; it is only recently that homosexuality has been placed on a pedestal and praised. Gay or not, the person you have sex with should not be defining characteristics, but sadly today it is. So, lawsuits were brought against a private institution for discrimination. The Boy Scouts caved and began accepting openly gay men to mentor young impressionable boys. I would think that if anyone had an axe to grind, their strategy for payback would be to trick the young into following their example, instead of just sticking to the basics and the manual.

Upon inception, the Boy Scouts taught, trained, mentored and led boys. They exercised, learned how to navigate, tie knots, identify plants and animals and many other primitive skills that seem to be lost on many first world countries today. Their primary focus was teaching boys how to survive any situation and how to be a model citizen. Since man and woman became companions, it was always the primary function of the man to protect and provide. The woman’s primary role was to nurture. Today however; if you listen to the pundits and talking heads of single parent homes, they are attempting to recreate the traditional roles of men and women. They want to erase genders, after thousands of years, they demand that we must change in the matter of less than 100 years. They celebrate homosexuality, philandering, incest and polyamory, all of the taboos for thousands of years.

So, the easiest way to cause cultural and catastrophic damage for these trouble makers is to start on the very young and impressionable. Why else would the teaching profession be so heavily tilted towards women and leftists? Why wouldn’t the infiltrators at the Headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America begin to accept girls into the ranks of the boy scouts? They want to completely destroy the human race. The malice and chaos that they desire is only a generation away. Look at the downfall of the traditional American family since the 1960s, we are still in the wake of that absolute disaster. The hippies and terrorists of then are now the professors and stake holders of our country today. The longer we allow these zealots to run amuck, the worse off our children and grandchildren will be. The damage that they have already caused is almost unrepairable. The only way to insulate our children from this madness and suicide ideation is to pull them out of these organizations.

These organizations will never go away, but the less they have in their ranks, the less power and influence they can exude and wield. The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls was infamous in their brainwashing ability. Not only, were parents mandated to send their boys and girls to these “camps” and programs, but sexuality was rampant between the two. It was how Hitler began his “supreme race” initiative. The modern Hitler Youth and League of German Girls has become a hybrid of the Boy Scouts of America, it is a way to encourage sexual exploration and exploitation at a young age, away from parents and prying eyes. After all they are the future and if the left has anything to say about it, they are going to brainwash our children so by the time they come back home after their overnight camp, they will report us to the modern day secret police. It’s what the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls did once their parents found out their girls were being impregnated at 14 years old and younger.

We need to take our families back, to raise and mentor them into our core values and beliefs. The values and beliefs of social media, entertainment and “news anchors” will do nothing but facilitate depression and early onset of impotence and chemical sterilization. These imposters only desire to live vicariously through our children, our children are their lab rats, their experiments are heartless and selfish.

Any girls who wants to learn how to survive should do so. But why can’t the Girl Scouts of America be just as cool as the Boy Scouts of America? Perhaps, the Girl Scouts are off limits, but the Boy Scouts are in season and expected to step aside for everyone else. With all of these single mothers out there, the Boy Scouts might seem appealing for their sons, just be forewarned, if your ex, your father or your grandfather cannot take the time to teach your son, the Boy Scouts are happy to groom, but you always pay for what you get.

Traditionally, boys were celebrated for becoming men. Whether it was a hunt, their first kill or war, the lines that defined men from boys were clear, in order to become a man, a boy had to complete his “Rites of Passage”. But today, in our world of passive nature, zero genders and celebrations of sexuality over bravery. It becomes harder and harder for boys to become men. Popular culture will not facilitate this progression, it is on us, the fathers, uncles and grandfathers. We became men and we must define what it takes for our boys to become men. Our way of life depends on the men of tomorrow, learning today of what they will have to overcome in the future for their transition from boy to man.

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