1CD, 2BCT, 1-5CAV, A1-3; M, M, B, G, H, V, C II; 19 May 2007, Amiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq

Catastrophe, death and mayhem. In the moment, it is impossible to look farther than what is happening right in front of you. Witnessing the direct action which causes the death of loved ones, is unforgettable and practically unforgivable. Looking back, it seems incredible that time continued to pass. That’s exactly what does happen, the world continues to turn, time stops for no one. Tragedy affects everyone, some lash out, others internalize while the remaining attempt to assemble everyone, only to continue their push forward. That’s all anyone has to do is continue to put one foot in front of the other. If you keep on moving forward, you will eventually find yourself past the event that caused so much pain and anguish for the loss of your friends and family. No one ever forgets, but the importance of moving out of the “kill zone” both literally and figuratively is imperative if anyone ever expects to continue on with their life.

I guess that’s how you honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, do whatever you can to honor them by living your life to the fullest. Talk and socialize with your battle buddies, check on them and allow them to check on you. We all care, we all show it in different ways. To those we have lost, I salute you. To those who remain, I will be there for you as you are there for me. Our shared experience has made us family, regardless of blood. I owe and will continue to owe those who sacrificed their lives as well as the ones that are still here, my life.

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers

We Will Never Forget

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