Harden Target

The label says it all, it is a target. How many of us remember high school? You either loved your high school years or hated them. I think this whole school shooting topic is not being discussed honestly. I am in no way absolving the cowards that shoot, kill and maim innocent people. Now, most places of employment ban firearms to be carried legally by their employees, if your found with a firearm on company property whether on your person or hidden and secured in your vehicle, you will probably be fired on the spot. The difference between work and school is most times people want to be at work, not because they enjoy it, but because it’s how they make their living. But school is a totally different animal all together, you have to go to school whether you want to or not. With the rising cost of living in our country, most times both parents work, so school has been transformed from an institution of learning to a pseudo daycare/holding facility, so then parents can go off to work, to pay for everything they have and need.

I understand the need to have a high school diploma, but outside of that piece of paper, there is almost no incentive to going to school. These kids are locked up all day, the teachers refuse to get involved with any conflict between students, since they could be held liable if anyone gets hurt. So, the kids form groups, or cliques, your either in or out, if you’re out it’s a hard day, every day to deal with the constant putdowns and assaults. Don’t be fooled, there are bullies on every front in school, teachers, staff, and students of every walk of life are bullying somebody.

I don’t have an answer to quell this atmosphere, but it is the truth. The longer our children go unsupervised, they will develop and implement their own chain of command and say what you want, but when you’re a kid up against that, it can seem unrelenting and never-ending at times. Now you throw smart phones, tablets and social media into the mix, they cannot escape it when they get home. I know there are great teachers out there who are not getting paid what they deserve, but they know that they will win in all of these strikes. The parents have to get back to work before they lose their house, so of course they will give in and pay the horde more.

It’s a multifaceted dilemma, choices will have to be made, some will choose to pull their kids out and home school them, but the majority will continue to take their chances. Sometimes you just need to slow down and give up a few creature comforts. None of these kids deserve to die, but they did and they will continue to die. Human behavior cannot be legislated, history has proven that no matter the odds or stakes, criminals will commit crime. Its far easier to remove our children from school than it is expecting everyone else to give up their guns. Do what you feel is right.

On the other hand, if schools competed for students, and created an atmosphere that all students wanted to be included in, well maybe then every student would feel incentivized to not simply attend but excel. If we rewarded hard work and excellence, then maybe more would try out for it, until then mediocrity will still be championed. Mediocrity, I guess they will have to look and act like everyone else if they are to survive. Perhaps diversity is a mere sham.

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