Stern Disapproval

From school shootings, to opioid addiction, public discord and general disagreements. We are always lectured on what is currently right and what is now wrong. Halloween costumes and lewd comments. Child abuse and child protective services. Experts and professionals. The wagging fingers and the dirty looks that are received from simple disagreements. The idea that we are all individuals is now being trampled by unions, groups and “rights” foundations. Used to be there were groups such as “The Little Sisters of the Poor”, who would perform charity as their service to God. However; with the delegitimization of both the church and religion, charity has been propelled because of its “Not-For-Profit” tax exclusion and the falsehood that a verbal attack on any individual is an automatic assault on us all. Charity is being stolen from us, with the excuse that people are hurting, charity is now demanded, instead of appreciated, for its selfless acts.

All we get in disagreements lately is stern disapproval for not going with the flow, our rights are not honored, we are boycotted and labeled as hate individuals or groups. They contact our places of employment, to get us fired, they notify our neighbors and our community at large, the beginnings of the secret police, to force us into compliance and silence. Common sense and reasonable, but only by their parameters. The line between adult and child is becoming more and more undefinable. They claim the label of adult only when it suits them, the rest of the time they are simply reverting to their childish instincts. Where do all of these people find the time to organize and demonstrate, how are their bills being paid for all of the time off that they need to “resist”?

The “moral” arbiters of current events and group think, are working overtime in an attempt to convince us that we are wrong and no number of platitudes will forsake your obvious slight against the “marginalized” group. Whether its gun ownership, political affiliation, garb or simply speaking your mind, if you go against the grain, they will shriek that you have not only offended them, but that now you could potentially be inciting violence, whether or not you are. Context and respect is what is missing. Context for what is meant and respect for the rights of all Americans. The furtherance of “charity” insured by our tax laws and code might be the end of simply doing good deeds. The government giveth and the government taketh away, it is only a matter of time. If we continue to look to our government to care for OUR sick and wounded, then the government will be the final word in who lives and who dies.

Giving power to the most corrupt power in our country will ensure that we all toe their line. If we continue to give into whatever they decide is moral, reasonable, common sense and charitable, then only the most prominent and the perceived and advantageous for their chosen popular choice will always be made, whether we support it or not. Our tax dollars pay their salaries, however; they are not beholden to us. Cable is out and the internet is in, the level of communication that is happening today is the only reason we are still holding on. The minute our voices are stripped of us, we will be in a downward spiral that will have us crashing to our death as the last free society in existence.

Use your voice and your actions daily to be the good person of your own volition. The French Revolution notoriously used the guillotine to sever the heads of those disagreed or those who would not give into their demands. Our country is very polarized right now. We are on the precipice and our individual actions will be the deciding factor in whether or not all Americans have rights, or only what is currently popular. If you live by the guillotine, you will die by the guillotine. The same revolutionaries that put the guillotine into practice were eventually put under that same guillotine. History repeats itself if we don’t pay attention and exercise respect for our fellow citizens daily, regardless of their stance. Instead of demanding that everyone else give into your demands, practice what you preach on a daily basis and be the example. Who knows,  you might convince the rest of us after we witness your example.

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