Sexual Harassment and Racism

Accusing anyone of either sexual harassment or racism is very unique in the fact that the reception is the only allowed, encouraged and accepted aspect when deciding guilt. Accusations of either can be absolutely devastating regardless of accuracy or intent. The other aspect of both, is that it would appear that only “minorities” and a majority of women are exposed to these sleights and “attacks”. However; whenever a shirtless physically correct or symmetrical male is on display, comments and actions are not only allowed, but they are often strongly encouraged. The opposite can be said concerning the labels: white, male, straight and Christian.  These are all fair game if you subscribe to the ideology of victimhood and unfairness. The arbiters of these lopsided morals seem to be heavily tilted to the left. Just as California is attempting to succeed from the United Sates or be torn apart into separate states, this population cannot subside off of its own volition or inaction. These voluntary statuses are only and currently slung against us and everyone else that is deemed an acceptable loss.

Some would refer to it as “lost in translation”, like the telephone game and differing tastes or preferences, imposing your definition on these “words and phrases” seems easier and easier, since there are monetary gains to be made if you “feel” attacked. I acknowledge that lewd behavior and comments can be unsettling, and highly unprofessional, but whatever happened to “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? I have never heard of words physically hurting anyone, if that was the case, there would be no need for firearms, blades, bats or pepper spray. Unfortunately, in an attempt to control us from every single aspect, criminal charges are now being doled out in an effort towards suppressive conformity.

Diversity as we have seen is only sought after for the shades of optics. The lengths that people will go to, to simply avoid conflict can at times seem cowardly. If you cannot speak for yourself, and you are afraid to address unwanted comments in the moment, then perhaps you should simply let it go? Maybe and maybe not, I think of every encounter as singular in value and on a case by case basis. The passive aggressive nature of these accusations continues to prove over and over again, that they hold practically zero merit, since they are often made after the “perceived attack”, once a group decides on the meaning without consulting their “attacker”.

The memory of these accusers must be ironclad since their recollection of the encounter is the only valued aspect and insight into the mind of the accused. The longer we prosecute both legally and publicly, the sooner the rest of us will be swept up in the pop culture phenomenon of guilty before proven innocent. Like every other attempt at people control, eventually we all will be fodder in the machine that only sees us through the filter of current and approved popular opinion.

Salutations and disagreements, if we cannot speak freely, then how and when will we know when anyone is being genuine? If all we desire are Facebook friends, then snapshots and sound bites is all we will ever get. The more real our relationships are the more we should expect conflict and honest conversation. Like every other barrier to overcome as individuals and children growing up, the same can be said, “it builds character”. The further we move away from character, the less freedom we all will have. Character is everything, without it we are nothing.

Flirting both attempted and successfully carried out is quickly moving towards a felony. Sexual harassment has been outlawed for decades, yet for some reason it is still carried out everyday. Like the war on drugs and the war on poverty, all of these tax-funded initiatives do nothing but encourage more to become offenders.

Just remember, if no one saw it and there is no real proof, then it probably never truly happened. Hurt feelings and personal offenses only translate and are simply attributed to weak individuals. If people are kept from expressing themselves as they see fit, we will never know who the people around us are. The more they talk, the more they expose themselves to us. I want to know with whom I am speaking. Why wouldn’t you want the same?

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