Speak Freely

Speak, speak, speak, the more that people speak freely and speak their mind on a daily basis the better off we all will be. The more people that speak up and the more that speak out freely the more we all will know. The more we know, the easier and easier our choices become. Why wouldn’t you want to hear what the people around you truly think and feel? Racism, sexism, xenophobia, abortion, illegal immigrants, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Why are we so afraid of the opinions and thoughts of others? Again, another celebrity put their foot in their mouth, and now the “news” cycle is endless with opinion pieces and “experts” providing their diagnosis of the now foul celebrity. Why aren’t we happy that they finally exposed themselves for who they are, I say thank you for speaking your mind.

Silencing or suppressing anyone’s voice always has disastrous results. The freer we are to speak, the more we will get to know each other and everyone’s true personalities. If that frightens you, then perhaps you should keep your mouth shut, just don’t expect anyone to follow your example. At the same time, if you expect to be heard, then you should silence no one. It’s pathetic enough that the “anchors” are demanding once again that we choose sides, whether we are with them or we are against them.

I only wish more would express themselves and speak up openly. Maybe then less would suffer from depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. If you knew what the people around you were thinking, because they were speaking their mind, then perhaps you wouldn’t feel pressured to try and “read minds” or body language. There is a chance that if more people communicated freely, more couples would find love together, in a more honest and upfront approach. “If you cannot say anything nice, do not say anything at all”. This adage only promotes a passive aggressive nature, encourages gossip and emboldens hate and disgust, since you are forbidden from speaking.

Salutations and disagreements, if we desire true companionship and friendship, then why must we agree on anything?

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