It’s funny how life works out, from slamming into rock bottom to standing on your tippy toes attempting to reach and grasp that golden rung that you’ve been working so hard to achieve for so long. Everything in between can seem awful or delightful, depending on your outlook at the time. The passersby and the people that either help us or need our help along the way. If your open enough, perhaps those people will help you along your journey. Networking as it is often referred to implies the old saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. This more often than not is true, we only mumble it to ourselves when it doesn’t work out in our favor. Like I stated prior, this more often than not is true, but there are plenty of other times that others go out of their way to help us, even when we do not realize it. You never know who you will meet tomorrow, all you must do is smile and offer the proper greeting (depending on the time of day). The more you go out and treat others as you would want to be treated, the easier your life becomes.

From asking your neighbor if they know any reputable electricians, or mentioning at the hair salon, that you really like the design of the facility. The more you compliment, the more apt people are to provide free advertisement for the people that do that sort of thing. The network of the community has for generations provided the life support to its inhabitants for fixing problems, from leaky roofs, to babysitting, tree removal, general grounds keeping and everything in between. The laws and bean counting legislators (whom are owned by the corporations) that prohibit children from learning a strong work ethic and the value of a dollar only strive to destroy our small communities that dot our nation.

It’s high time we begin to commune within our communities, meet our neighbors at church the hardware store and the local tavern. All of these small establishments are rally points in our communities and they provide a gathering place to discuss the topics of the day and ask for help when needed. There once was a time, when communities all over our country were for the most part self-sufficient, our communities were self-sufficient and we were self-sufficient as well.

The more we look to each other for help when we cannot figure it out ourselves, the more independent we all become. Everyone does something better than most others, if we support them, they will support us.

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